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Lrc The Man Who Sold The World

The Man Who Sold The World LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11807 - The Man Who Sold The World [03:44.40] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:The Man Who Sold The World]
[00:08.95]{00:10.58,F}( I n t r{00:14.68,Dm} o )
[00:15.95]We passed upon the st{00:19.12,A}air
[00:20.59]We spoke of was and wh{00:23.33,Dm}en
[00:24.34]Although I wasn't th{00:27.53,A}ere
[00:28.84]He said I was his frie{00:31.69,F}nd
[00:32.84]Which came as a surpr{00:35.93,C}ise
[00:37.09]I spoke into his {00:40.16,A}eyes
[00:40.49]I thought you died a{00:43.43,Dm}lone
[00:44.74]A long long time ag{00:47.66,C}o
[00:50.49]Oh n{00:51.81,C}o, not m{00:53.86,F}e
[00:54.74]We {00:55.92,C#}never lost contr{00:57.99,F}ol
[00:58.99]You're fa{01:00.04,C}ce to fa{01:02.08,F}ce
[01:03.00]With the {01:04.13,C#}man who sold the worl{01:06.24,A}d
[01:09.99]{01:10.49,Dm}( I n t e {01:14.71,F}r l u d {01:18.87,Dm}e )
[01:19.99]I laughed and shook his ha{01:23.27,A}nd
[01:24.74]And made my way back hom{01:27.57,Dm}e
[01:28.74]I searched for form and la{01:31.81,A}nd
[01:33.13]For years and years I roam{01:36.02,F}ed
[01:37.13]I gazed a gazeless sta{01:40.28,C}re
[01:41.38]We walked a million {01:44.51,A}hills
[01:44.79]I must have died a{01:47.73,Dm}lone
[01:48.92]A long, long time ag{01:51.97,C}o
[01:54.92]Who kno{01:56.13,C}ws? Not m{01:58.19,F}e
[01:59.17]I {02:00.23,C#}never lost contr{02:02.32,F}ol
[02:03.43]You're fac{02:04.36,C}e to fa{02:06.41,F}ce
[02:07.42]With the {02:08.48,C#}man who sold the worl{02:10.60,A}d
[02:14.18]{02:14.76,Dm}( I n t e r l u d e )
[02:17.92]Who kno{02:18.88,C}ws? Not m{02:20.95,F}e
[02:21.92]We {02:23.00,C#}never lost contr{02:25.06,F}ol
[02:26.17]You're fac{02:27.10,C}e to fa{02:29.09,F}ce
[02:30.18]With the {02:31.14,C#}man who sold the worl{02:33.22,A}d
[02:36.93]{02:37.44,Dm}( I n t e {02:41.61,F}r l u d {02:45.71,Dm}e )
[02:49.43]{02:49.80,A}( I n s {02:53.89,Dm}t r u m e{02:57.96,F} n t a l{03:02.00,Dm} )
[03:05.68]{03:06.06,A}( I n s {03:10.09,Dm}t r u m e{03:14.18,F} n t a l{03:18.20,Dm} )
[03:21.81]{03:22.21,A}( I n s {03:26.28,Dm}t r u m e n t a l )
[03:29.81]{03:30.44,F}( O u t r o )