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Lrc Those Eggs Aren't Dippy

Those Eggs Aren't Dippy LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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83683 - Those Eggs Aren't Dippy [02:09.99] 2 months ago
by Guest
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[00:04.56]Dripping eyes dissected me, cut my life expectancy
[00:08.05]Held me under close inspection‚ left me in a dream
[00:11.55]Stop‚ pout‚ hear me out no less
[00:15.05]Those eggs aren't dippy and I don't want to die
[00:18.80]Without feeling love too, I wanna be close to you
[00:22.05]Those eggs aren't dippy and I don't want to die
[00:26.05]Without pulling your tooth, I wanna be close to you (Alright)
[00:28.82]And singin' a softer tune
[00:33.30]You miss the feeling‚ the smell of the kitchen
[00:36.30]See me singing sideways, hang me from the highway
[00:39.82]You miss a reeling, a fall to submission
[00:42.79]Semen and sine waves‚ hang me from the highway!
[01:02.05]Out of the dust I play
[01:08.32]A break from your desperate cage
[01:13.05]A break (Eh, haha)
[01:19.05]Going down, breaking, oh (Time to stop)
[01:26.30](Caution Rap!)
[01:27.04]Choking on a reminiscent sign upon the doorway
[01:29.03]Run into a motor and, oh, oh, oh, oh!
[01:30.29]Judge your company like mine and all I wanna be is done
[01:32.05]Less alarming up and down, oh, oh, oh, oh!
[01:33.79]Who terrified my tenants and evacuated
[01:35.05]Love without a netting in the setting? Oh, oh, oh, oh!
[01:36.55]Have you seen my heart starter?
[01:49.05](Dripping eyes dissected me)
[01:49.80](Cut my life expectancy)
[01:54.29](Damaged Tune)
[01:55.30](Those eggs aren't dippy and I don't want to die)
[01:59.32](Without feeling love too)
[02:01.05](Want to die)
[02:02.80](Want to die)
[02:04.31](Want to die)
[02:05.80](Want to die)
[02:07.58](Want to die)