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Lrc To my youth by BOL4

To my youth - BOL4 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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92708 - To my youth by BOL4 [03:42.72] 1 month ago
by Guest
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[ar:BOL4 ]
[al:Red diary, Page 1]
[ti:To my youth ]
[au:BOL4 ]
[by:Stephanie Mantha ]

[00:26.44] at some point of my life,
[00:31.42]I used to wish that I could disappear from this world
[00:33.15]the whole world seemed so dark,
[00:35.67]I cried every night
[00:38.41]will my mind feel at ease
[00:40.91]if I just disappeared
[00:43.66]I was so afraid
[00:46.67]of everyone's eyes on me
[00:48.92]during those beautifully beautiful days
[00:51.65]I was in pain
[00:54.42]I hated myself
[00:56.90]for not being able to receive love
[00:59.91]my mom and dad,
[01:03.17]they're only looking at me
[01:05.42]this not I really feel,
[01:08.66]but I keep getting further away
[01:11.17]what should I do, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do
[01:25.42]the saying that time is medicine
[01:27.92]was really true for me
[01:30.69]as the days went by,
[01:33.67]I really did get better
[01:35.94]but sometimes when I'm too happy,
[01:39.67]I'm afraid I'll be in pain again
[01:41.66]naega gajin i haengbokdeureul
[01:44.65]I'm afraid that someone
[01:46.94]will take away my happiness
[01:49.41]those beautifully beautiful memories
[01:51.91]were so painful
[01:54.91]I hurt to the point where I could hurt no more
[01:57.66]but the pain wouldn't go away
[02:01.15]my friends, all these people,
[02:03.42]they're only looking at me
[02:06.67]this is not how I really am
[02:11.67]but I keep getting further away
[02:14.67]but still maybe I could be
[02:17.42]a bright light in this world
[02:22.42]maybe after all of the pain,
[02:25.92] I could shine
[02:28.40]a light even if it's short
[02:33.66]so I couldn't give up
[02:37.17]the me that could fell asleep peacefully for single night
[02:44.69]because if I keep trying to stand up like this
[02:50.42]like this I might be able to find myself
[02:56.67]aaaaaaa aaaaaaa
[03:07.42]aaaaaaa aaaaaaa
[03:18.19]how painful must it have been
[03:23.17]how painful must it be been
[03:28.92]how much, how much, how much did I hope for it