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Lrc Today's World by Suotana

Today's World - Suotana LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50912 - Today's World by Suotana [05:25.90] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Today's World]
[00:06.26] Ice to ice, frost to frost
[00:39.76]Life has no meaning
[00:43.26]In this welfare land
[00:45.75]Let the elderly die
[00:48.02]Even when they could be healed
[00:55.80]Like they have earned it
[01:00.75]Like they would have been a burden to us
[01:04.27]Social benefits brings strangers
[01:08.53]Behaving as kings
[01:10.03]Giving them everything
[01:12.77]Is not even enough
[01:19.25]At the same time
[01:21.25]The real heroes
[01:24.27]Have been left without care
[01:26.77]That's something that don't fit in my head
[01:40.54]This is for you, me and all of us
[01:44.29]Everything that we are
[01:52.26]Let's not let them ruin our land
[01:55.25]Everything that we have
[02:04.03]Guardians of this land
[02:06.51]Our ancient fathers
[02:10.01]We would not be independent
[02:13.01]If they had seen this todays world
[02:31.25]All those who fell
[02:37.48]All those who were injured
[02:43.26]In frost have our roots grown
[02:48.73]By blood is our independence written
[04:29.26]This is for you, me and all of us
[04:33.04]Everything that we are
[04:41.03]Let's no them ruin our land
[04:45.04]Everything that we have
[04:53.52]This is for ice, snow and frost
[04:56.79]Everything that I am
[05:04.76]I will not let the strangers ruin my land
[05:09.53]Everything that I have