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Lrc Track02

Track02 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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30735 - Track02 [02:18.33] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.92]Unit 1: Introductions and Names
[00:06.16]page 2 CD 1-2
[00:07.41]Listening 1
[00:11.92]A: What's your name?
[00:13.16]B: It's Alina Smith
[00:15.17]A: Elena?
[00:20.41]B: No, Alina. A-L-I-N-A.
[00:25.66]A: Oh, Alina. It's nice to meet you, Alina.
[00:0.00]A: Your name, please?
[00:0.00]B: Matt Rosenblum.
[00:0.00]A: Rosenblum. How do you spell that, Mr. Rosenblum?
[00:0.00]B: R-O-S-E-N-B-L-U-M.
[00:0.00]A: Okay, thank you.
[00:0.00]A: Could I please have your email address?
[00:0.00]B: Sure, it's
[00:0.00]A: Okay... Matt Nilson...
[00:0.00]B: Actually, it's Nat Wilson... n-a-t-w-i-l-s-o-n at tmail dot com.
[00:0.00]A: Nat Wilson. Got it, Thanks.
[00:0.00]A: And your e-mail address is…
[00:0.00]B: It's
[00:0.00]A: Cool pal?
[00:0.00]B: No, cool gal. G-A-L At R-O-L dot com.
[00:0.00]A: May I have your phone number, please?
[00:0.00]B: Sure. It's 555-2398.
[00:0.00]A: Okay... 555-2358.
[00:0.00]B: Actually, it's nine eight. 2-3-9-8.
[00:0.00]A: Oh, 2-3-9-8. Thank you.
[00:0.00]A: So, could I give you a call sometime?
[00:0.00]B: Sure, that would be great, My cell is 555-7216
[00:0.00]A: 555-7216?
[00:0.00]B: Yep, that's right.
[00:0.00]A: Okay, I'll give you a call this weekend, then.