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Lrc Track07

Track07 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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30864 - Track07 [01:42.72] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.17]Unit 2: Describing People
[00:02.91]Page 6, CD 1-7
[00:06.16]Listening 1
[00:10.31]A: So is your boss young?
[00:12.72]B: He's in his thirties, I guess. About 35.
[00:20.42]A: It's pretty long.
[00:22.17]B: What color is it?
[00:24.07]A: It's light brown. And it's a little curly.
[00:29.85]A: He's really not very tall, about 5 feet 8 inches.
[00:34.42]B: Oh yeah. That's not so tall.
[00:40.67]A: He looks about 17.
[00:43.92]B: No, he's older than that. He's almost 25.
[00:47.92]A: No, I don't believe it. He doesn't look that old.
[00:55.20]A: She likes to wear it really short.
[00:58.42]B: Yeah? And is it straight or curly?
[01:02.07]A: Curly. Really curly. You can't miss her when you see her.
[01:09.67]A: Is she short?
[01:11.33]B: No, she's really tall. About 6 feet.
[01:17.48]A: Is she in her teens or her twenties?
[01:20.83]B: I think she's in her twenties. She's really nice. Do you want to meet her?
[01:26.07]A: Yeah, sure.
[01:30.23]A: It's not very long but it is very straight. And sometimes it's green!
[01:35.73]B: Green!
[01:37.13]A: Yeah. He sings in a rock band, I think.