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Lrc Track08

Track08 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31342 - Track08 [01:37.44] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.15]Unit 10: The Family
[00:03.15]page 38, CD 2-8
[00:06.16]Listening 1
[00:10.47]A: That's me in the middle That's my oldest niece, Megan, on the right. She's in her second year of college. And that's my nephew, on the left. He just finished high school.
[00:21.91]B: Oh, he's handsome.
[00:26.31]A: That's me in the middle.
[00:29.16]B: Who are the other two?
[00:30.90]A: Those are my brothers, Nigel and Trevor. They're twins.
[00:35.16]B: How old are they?
[00:36.55]A: They're fifteen.
[00:40.81]A: That's me and my parents.
[00:43.72]B: Boy! You look just like your dad.
[00:46.65]A: No, I don't.
[00:51.30]A: This is a picture of my son and daughter.
[00:54.94]B: Is your daughter younger than your son?
[00:58.41]A: Yes, much younger. He's 24.
[01:02.31]B: How old is your daughter?
[01:04.16]A: She's 12.
[01:05.66]B: That's a big difference.
[01:10.41]A: These are my parents and thats my grandmother on the left.
[01:14.90]B: How old is she?
[01:16.65]A: She’s 80.
[01:18.15]B: She looks young for 80.
[01:22.66]A: This is my father with my mom, my grandmother, my sister, and my cousin.
[01:29.05]B: Which one is your mother?
[01:30.69]A: The one all the way on the right.
[01:33.33]B: Oh, yes.