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Lrc Track12

Track12 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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30880 - Track12 [01:59.18] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.14]Unit 3: Clothes
[00:02.64]page 10, CD 1-12
[00:06.15]Listening 1
[00:10.39]A: Which is David?
[00:12.39]B: David? There he is. He's wearing a Jacket and tie. And he has reddish - blonde hair
[00:19.14]A: Okay. Thanks.
[00:23.40]A: I’m looking for Monica.
[00:26.39]B: Oh, she's wearing a long dress. And she wears glasses.
[00:30.90]A: Does she have long hair?
[00:33.14]B No, it's not really long.
[00:38.40]A: Which one is Nick?
[00:40.89]B: He's wearing a dark suit and a tie... and sneakers.
[00:44.53]A: Sneakers? Okay. Thanks.
[00:50.29]A: I'm looking for Emma.
[00:52.43]B: There she is, over there. She's wearing white pants and a red blouse.
[00:57.89]A: The one with a scarf?
[00:59.28]B: Yeah.
[01:02.79]A: Who's Andrew?
[01:04.89]B: He's wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He has short blonde hair.
[01:08.90]A: Oh, I see him. Thanks.
[01:14.04]A: I'm looking for Kate.
[01:16.40]B: Mm.. There she is She's wearing a yellow skirt, a blue blouse and red sandals.
[01:23.64]A: Thanks.
[01:27.64]A: Is Mary here tonight?
[01:30.14]B: Yes, she is. See her over there? She's wearing jeans and a green shirt.
[01:35.79]A Jeans and a green shirt.
[01:38.14]B: Yes, and she's wearing a funny hat.
[01:43.94]A: Where's Ben?
[01:45.83]B: Oh, the bodybuilder. He's wearing sneakers shorts and a tight shirt, as usual
[01:52.23]A: A tight shirt?
[01:54.14]B: Yeah, he likes to show off his muscles!