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Lrc Track12

Track12 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31346 - Track12 [00:37.23] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.17]page 41, CD 2-12
[00:04.81]A: Do you have a big family, Eva?
[00:08.70]B: Kind of. I have a younger brother and an older sister.
[00:12.91]A: Really? How old are they?
[00:15.41]B: Let's see... my brother is eighteen and my sister is twenty-five
[00:21.16]A: Oh. What does your sister do?
[00:24.16]B: She's a chef.
[00:25.56]A: A chef? What a cool job! How do you like her food?
[00:30.45]B: I haven't tried it, actually. She lives in California.