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Lrc Track20

Track20 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31398 - Track20 [02:06.26] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.40]page 47, CD 2-20
[00:03.06]Listening 2
[00:07.40]Let's see. Soup. That's two for a dollar.
[00:12.14]And a bottle of shampoo-$6.50.
[00:16.15]So that comes to $7.50 and your change is $12.50.
[00:23.39]Okay, now - let me see what you've got.
[00:26.64]The DVD - a good one, one of my favorite movies - is $22.95, and the batteries are on sale for $4.95.
[00:35.29]So, let me see... That comes to $27.90. So here's your change, two dollars and ten cents.
[00:45.85]Yes, can I help you?
[00:47.75]Okay. Let's see. The newspapers are $1.50, and the magazines will cost another... $8.15.
[00:57.64]Yes, so that's, let me see, $9,65, right? Here's your change, $10.35.
[01:08.15]So you're taking the T-Shirt - nice choice. The color looks good on you.
[01:13.31]Okay, that’s $8.95, then the socks. They're another $3.20, so that's $12.15, and here's your change, $7.85.
[01:25.90]Mmm, I like chocolates, too.
[01:29.40]Okay, that's $9.50 for the chocolates. And chocolate chip cookies, too. Mmm. You really do like chocolate. The cookies are $2.99.
[01:40.15]So that's $12.49. And here's your change, $7.51.
[01:48.65]Is this all? Okay. Let's see. Now the magazines are $6.25. And you're taking the book? That's $12.00.
[01:57.15]So that comes to $18.25 altogether. And here's your change. That's a dollar seventy-five.