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Lrc Track43

Track43 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31070 - Track43 [02:22.77] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.17]page 32, CD 1-43
[00:03.16]Listening 3
[00:07.29]I think exercise is so important to good health. There's a really good sports club near my school.
[00:14.91]During the week, I play tennis there for an hour before school starts.
[00:19.06]On weekends, I usually work out at the gym near my house for a few hours.
[00:24.40]I also play baseball with some friends from school. It's so much fun.
[00:32.31]I don't like jogging or doing anything too Energetic. I proffer taking walks.
[00:37.20]I like to take a short walk every day through the park across from my house.
[00:41.36]Sometimes my boyfriend goes with me. It's nice to talk and look at the flowers and trees.
[00:46.52]On Sunday, I like to swim, but for only about a half hour. I sleep the rest of the weekend.
[00:55.41]I am a big soccer fan, but I only watch it on TV. I can't stand playing it!
[01:02.16]There are great games to watch on weekends. I also enjoy watching tennis.
[01:07.82]I’d like to learn someday, but I don't like to sweat.
[01:11.56]I love chess and often play with my younger sister. She's really good at it and usually wins.
[01:18.41]On weekends, I love to play video games with some of my friends.
[01:26.21]I just love to exercise! I like many different sports. Let's see... I like swimming a lot.
[01:34.91]I get up very early, around 5 a.m., and swim for two hours from Monday to Friday.
[01:42.16]I also enjoy basketball and play with a group of friends from work every Tuesday night.
[01:48.42]And I've also started playing golf this year. Before playing, I jog to warm up.
[01:57.57]I enjoy exercise, but I don't do it as much as I should.
[02:01.66]I meet a friend every Wednesday and we play tennis.
[02:04.66]I'm not a very good player, but it's fun and we usually play for an hour.
[02:08.66]On weekends, I like to bike around our neighborhood. I guess I spend an hour or two doing that.
[02:14.82]Oh, and I love baseball, but only watching it while sitting on the couch eating popcorn!