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Lrc Trump

Trump LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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60717 - Trump [01:30.59] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:10.88]Nobody knows Trump better than I do
[00:16.38]Nobody knows China better than you
[00:19.13]Nobody loves China more than you do
[00:22.13]He’s so in love with China, he brings trouble to his country
[00:24.88]Supporting racists and bigots, just to mess it up quick
[00:27.88]See all these Nazis feeling strong with that bold manic
[00:30.63]But when dealing with T-Rex, they’re left shorthanded
[00:33.63]He’s just trying to help China, but he won’t say it loud
[00:36.13]He is such a great admirer, even wants to build a wall
[00:39.13]But they didn’t call, the silence built a tension
[00:41.88]So he made those taxes just craving for attention
[00:44.88]These tactics aren’t new at all, he did the same with Merkel
[00:47.63]Fucker used to praise her balls, now he wants to hurt her
[00:50.38]So better stop saying Germany’s your heritage
[00:53.13]It’s a cold country, you know we don’t grow oranges
[00:55.88]You knew ‘bout Covid before anyone else did
[00:58.63]But you still decided to call it Chinese virus
[01:01.38]You knew Spain didn’t make the Spanish flu
[01:03.88]Just like nobody knows China better than you