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Lrc Tu_Hai_Beautiful___Inspirational_Song_on_Woman_s_Beauty___Funzoa_Mimi_Teddy_Girl

Tu_Hai_Beautiful___Inspirational_Song_on_Woman_s_Beauty___Funzoa_Mimi_Teddy_Girl LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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491 - Tu_Hai_Beautiful___Inspirational_Song_on_Woman_s_Beauty___Funzoa_Mimi_Teddy_Girl [04:23.78] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:12.79]Ankhein teri choti badi,Ye nose mujhse bhi hai tedhi,Jo khali dekhe nuks teraVoh khud hai insecure dhat teriTu gori hai ya sanwli,Everyday tu khaye extra calorie,Tu fir bhi just muskura,If you have big and red dil like me,Jaisi bhi hai tu hai beautiful,Tu hai beautiful, Tu hai beautiful, baby…Antara 01Jisne na dekha tere heart ka color,Lover nahi voh koi hai cheap dinosaur,Kisi ne toda hai kya tera red dil,Tu naam aur pata de bas main leti hun khabar,In my opinion, everything in you is just fine,Haath, pair, kamar aur hair, sab tere divineJaisi bhi hai tu hai beautiful,Tu hai beautiful, Tu hai beautiful, you’re fineRap:You’re truly the best, And I simply like the way you’re smilingI say, don’t you just worryAbout your color and heightAnd your weight and all the fussing,Because you are so goodYou have always been perfect just theway you are,Comeon lets just live the funzoa life,And make it beautiful everywhere,I’ll make you feel special like a teddy bear,I wanna be your teddy bear, yeah…Antara 02Your beauty is equal to size of your dil,Mujhse better ye jaane koun so take achill pill,Stupid jo value na de tere pyar ko,Uske ban kar de hugs and kisses, its sosimple,True love is not about your body and face,Samjhe jo voh angel, jo na samjhe voh jaahil,Jaisi bhi hai tu hai beautiful,Tu hai beautiful, Tu hai beautiful, do you feelBody and mass ka percentage,Har hafte kyun bigad jata hai, its strange,Voh actually me kya hai ke youAre trying to be koi aur, my friend,Mirror mein ye jo face hai,Uske peeche ek tera pyara red dil haiUmar chhupake jeene ki,Ab nahi aur koi need hai,Jaisi bhi hai tu hai beautiful, tu hai beautiful,Stay the way you are, cos you’re so beautiful,You’re so beautiful