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Lrc UB by Arashi

UB - Arashi LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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490 - UB by Arashi [04:13.49] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:24.15]Kantan'na koto ga mienaku natte ita / Simple things usually go unseen
[00:28.40]KAATEN no mukou ga tooku kanji teru / As the other side of the curtain feels so distant
[00:33.41]Nani kangaete nda itsumo mukuchide / What are you thinking? Always so reticent
[00:38.15]Zutto kubi nobashite mi teru / Always looking over while stretching your neck
[00:43.40]Hontou wa shittenda saikin no futari wa / The truth is that I know, recently for the two of us,
[00:47.91]Chikaku ni iru koto ni mo nani mo kanjinai / Even if we’re near, we don’t feel a thing
[00:52.66]Doko ni iko uttatte hanare rarenaikedo / And although, whenever we go, it doesn’t put a distance between us
[00:57.91]Demo bokura ni datte hitori ni naritai koto mo aru / But, even for us, after all, there are also times when we want to be alone.
[01:01.90]Kitto Need to leave / Surely, we need to leave
[01:05.90]Onaji mono o mita jikan (toki) ga naga sugita / The time we spend staring at the same things has become too long
[01:11.41]We just need to leave / We just need to leave
[01:15.66]Otagai no kanjou sae te ni toru you de / Even if our emotions seem palpable
[01:21.16]Tsukazuhanarezu kyoumomata kono heya no naka de / Today, again, while we remain neither too close nor too distant inside this room
[01:27.91]Yeah we just need to leave… Wanna be alone / Yeah, we just need to leave… Wanna be alone
[01:36.16]De mo kangaetara kimi wa itsu datte / But, if I think about it, it’s you the one who’s always showering
[01:40.91]Atsui SHAWAA de min'na o hora tsutsun deru / everyone with your warmth
[01:45.66]Iya kimi koso ga ookina kokoro sa / No, for sure, it’s you the one who has a really big heart
[01:50.66]Chiisana koto mizu ni nagashite kureru / Letting the small things flow away
[01:54.66]Mou Never leave / I’m sure now, we will never leave,
[01:58.66]Atarimae janai ima made no hibi mo / Isn’t it obvious? Day after day even now
[02:04.41]We could never leave / We could never leave
[02:08.66]Chigau futari datte tasukeatte ikeru yo / The differences between the two us, is the reason we’re good at helping each other
[02:13.66]Tsukazuhanarezu kyōmomata tonari doushina nda / Not too close nor too distant, today too, we’re next to each other.
[02:20.15]Oh bokura ga wakarete kurasu keikaku ga aru nante / Oh... Is there even a way for us to live being apart?
[02:29.41]Oh tomadotterukedo bokura wa hitotsu-sa / Oh... It might be confusing, but we are one
[02:37.90]Sou sa Never leave... / That’s right... Never leave...
[03:09.16]Hora We are one / Look, we are one
[03:13.15]Hanareta to shite mo bokura wa hitotsu sa / Even if we are apart, we are one!
[03:18.91]Sou We are one / Right, we are one
[03:22.91]Kanjin'na toko de issho datte wakaru / The important thing is that we understand that we are the same
[03:28.41]Tsukazuhanarezu kyōmomata-kun to narande iru / Not too close nor too distant, today too, we’re side-by-side
[03:35.16]Yeah kiminotonari… Uh Yeah Yeah / Yeah, next to you... Uh Yeah Yeah
[03:51.16]Kimi to narande iru / Uh Yeah Yeah I’m by your side.