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Lrc Unaware

Unaware LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10163 - Unaware [05:49.30] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:01.50]{00:02.27,Emaj7}( I n t r {00:04.35,Ebm7}o ) {00:05.91,Dbm7}
[00:09.00]{00:09.52,Ebm7}( I n t r {00:10.55,Emaj7}o ) {00:12.61,Ebm7} {00:14.14,Dbm7}
[00:17.00]{00:17.71,Ebm7}( I n t r {00:18.78,Emaj7}o ) {00:20.77,Ebm7} {00:22.35,Dbm7}
[00:25.25]{00:25.95,Ebm7}( I n t r {00:26.99,Emaj7}o ) {00:28.98,Ebm7} {00:30.46,Dbm7}
[00:33.25]{00:34.14,Ebm7} {00:35.16,Emaj7} Every d{00:37.26,Ebm7}ay
[00:37.63]The deficit {00:39.25,Dbm7}grows {00:42.35,Ebm7}
[00:43.03]{00:43.36,Emaj7} You{00:45.40,Ebm7} spend more than you {00:47.42,Dbm7}own
[00:50.78]{00:50.55,Ebm7} {00:51.56,Emaj7} Papa al{00:53.64,Ebm7}ways said to {00:55.67,Dbm7}me
[00:59.03]{00:58.71,Ebm7} {00:59.76,Emaj7} "Keep a close {01:01.85,Ebm7}eye on your
[01:03.43]Au{01:03.86,Eb}thority" Oh
[01:07.93]{01:07.99,Emaj7} You {01:10.04,Ebm7}say that you {01:11.54,Dbm7}care {01:15.13,Ebm7}
[01:15.93]{01:16.15,Emaj7} I{01:18.20,Ebm7} was una{01:19.72,Dbm7}ware {01:23.34,Ebm7}
[01:23.93]{01:24.35,Emaj7} You {01:26.40,Ebm7}say that you {01:27.92,Dbm7}care {01:31.55,Ebm7}
[01:32.18]{01:32.56,Emaj7} I{01:34.63,Ebm7} was una{01:36.14,Dbm7}ware
[01:38.83]{01:40.77,Ebm7}All you do i{01:40.80,Emaj7}s push, {01:42.85,Ebm7}pull, te{01:44.89,Dbm7}ar
[01:45.97]We can't stretch it any farther
[01:48.72]{01:49.02,Emaj7}Push, {01:51.05,Ebm7}pull, {01:52.59,Dbm7}tear
[01:54.11]We can't stretch any {01:56.18,Ebm7}farther
[01:56.86]{01:57.21,Emaj7} Every d{01:59.30,Ebm7}ay, taxes in{02:01.32,Dbm7}crease {02:04.39,Ebm7}
[02:05.11]{02:05.39,Emaj7} So is this our {02:07.50,Ebm7}land or is this ou{02:09.54,Dbm7}r lease?
[02:12.11]{02:12.62,Ebm7} {02:13.65,Emaj7} Papa said, "S{02:15.72,Ebm7}on, it's the land
[02:17.01]Of the {02:17.75,Dbm7}free" {02:20.81,Ebm7}
[02:21.65]{02:21.83,Emaj7} As he broke his back
[02:23.55]{02:23.90,Ebm7}Trying to make ends me{02:25.91,Dbm7}et {02:29.00,Ebm7}
[02:29.69]{02:30.03,Emaj7} You {02:32.11,Ebm7}say that you {02:33.64,Dbm7}care {02:37.20,Ebm7}
[02:37.94]{02:38.22,Emaj7} I{02:40.31,Ebm7} was una{02:41.82,Dbm7}ware {02:45.44,Ebm7}
[02:46.19]{02:46.45,Emaj7} You {02:48.47,Ebm7}say that you {02:50.02,Dbm7}care {02:53.63,Ebm7}
[02:54.44]{02:54.63,Emaj7} I{02:56.68,Ebm7} was una{02:58.22,Dbm7}ware
[03:01.19]{03:01.81,Ebm7}All you do i{03:02.86,Emaj7}s push, {03:04.88,Ebm7}pull, te{03:06.96,Dbm7}ar
[03:07.83]We can't stretch any {03:10.00,Ebm7}farther
[03:10.83]{03:11.05,Emaj7}Push, {03:13.11,Ebm7}pull, te{03:15.14,Dbm7}ar
[03:16.08]We can't stretch any {03:18.24,Ebm7}farther
[03:19.08]{03:19.27,Emaj7}Push, {03:21.30,Ebm7}pull, t{03:22.84,Dbm7}ear
[03:24.33]We can't stretch any {03:26.42,Ebm7}farther
[03:27.33]{03:27.48,Emaj7}Push, {03:29.51,Ebm7}pull, {03:31.55,Eb}tear
[03:35.33]{03:35.65,Em7}( I n s t {03:39.78,Bmaj7}r u m e n t {03:43.87,Dmaj7}a l ) {03:47.80,Amaj7}
[03:51.58]{03:52.07,Em7}( I n s t r u m e n t a l )
[03:55.83]{03:56.17,F#} Yeah...
[03:59.83]{04:00.27,Gmaj7} You {04:02.34,F#m7}say that you {04:03.88,Em7}care {04:07.46,F#m7}
[04:08.33]{04:08.49,Gmaj7} I{04:10.54,F#m7} was una{04:12.05,Em7}ware {04:15.67,F#m7}
[04:16.33]{04:16.71,Gmaj7} You {04:18.74,F#m7}say that you {04:20.24,Em7}care {04:23.88,F#m7}
[04:24.58]{04:24.90,Gmaj7} I{04:26.95,F#m7} was una{04:28.48,Em7}ware
[04:31.58]'Ca{04:32.08,F#m7}use all you do i{04:33.08,Gma7}s push
[04:34.83]{04:35.16,F#m7}Pull, {04:36.69,Em7}tear
[04:39.33]Oh, {04:40.29,F#m7}all you do is{04:41.26,Gmaj7} push, {04:43.33,F#m7}pull, {04:44.89,Em7}tear
[04:47.96]{04:48.47,F#m7}Oh, {04:49.49,Gmaj7}push, {04:51.53,F#m7}pull, {04:53.12,Em7}tear
[04:54.60]We can't stretch it any {04:56.69,F#m7}farther
[04:57.60]{04:57.69,Gmaj7}Push, {04:59.76,F#m7}pull, {05:01.31,Em7}tear {05:04.87,F#m7}
[05:05.60]{05:05.91,Gmaj7} No, n{05:07.98,F#m7}o {05:09.51,Em7}
[05:10.85]We can't stretch it any {05:13.10,F#m7}farther
[05:13.85]{05:14.11,Gmaj7}Push and{05:16.15,F#m7} pull, {05:17.72,Em7}tear
[05:19.75]We can't stretch {05:21.30,F#m7}any fa{05:22.35,Gmaj7}r-
[05:24.14]{05:24.37,F#m7}A-a-r-r-{05:25.93,Em7}ther, no
[05:27.39]We can't stretch it any {05:29.52,F#m7}farther
[05:30.39]{05:30.53,Gmaj7} Pu{05:32.58,F#m7}sh, pull{05:34.10,Em7}, tear
[05:35.64]We can't stretch a{05:37.76,F#m7}ny farth{05:38.77,Gmaj7}er
[05:40.39]N{05:40.81,F#m7}o, no{05:43.31,Em7}