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Lrc Uyire by Sid sriram

Uyire - Sid sriram LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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71219 - Uyire by Sid sriram [03:23.26] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Sid sriram]
[00:23.07]Uyire Kavarum Uyire Pole,
[00:29.32]Enthanu Nee Enthanu,
[00:35.05]Aa! Kadhal Mazhayaye, Thanuvil Cherum, Aranu Nee Aranu,
[00:46.07]Uyare Chirapol, Pravin Nilavo,
[00:57.32]Tharil Madhuvo, Kanan Kanavo,
[01:08.82]Nee Kannod Kannod, Kannoramaye,
[01:13.07]Kathod Kathod, Kathoramaye,
[01:15.07]Nenjod Nenjod, Nenjoramay Niraye,
[01:20.57]Nee Thorathe Thorathe, Theeratheyaye, Mayathe Mayathe, Mayatheyaye,
[01:26.82]Ennolum Ninnolum, Ennolamay Padaru,
[01:30.82]Oh-Oh! Oh!
[01:56.07]Uyire Uyirin, Uyare Moodum Theeyanu,
[02:04.33]Nee Theeyanum,
[02:07.55]Kadhal Kanalaye, Akame Neerum Novanu, Nee Novannu,
[02:18.82]Iny En Nizhalaye, Vazhvin Nadhiyaye,
[02:30.07]Njanen Arike, Ninne Thiraye,
[02:41.33]Nee Kannod Kannod, Kannoramay,
[02:44.84]Kathod Kathod, Kathoramay,
[02:47.57]Nenjod Nenjod, Nenjoramay Niraye,
[02:53.32]Nee Thorathe Thorathe, Theeratheyay, Mayathe Mayathe, Mayatheyay,
[02:59.32]Ennolum Ninnolum, Ennolamay Padaru.
[03:04.59]Oh-Oh! Oh!