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Lrc VANS by Arrested Youth

VANS - Arrested Youth LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11188 - VANS by Arrested Youth [02:37.47] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Arrested Youth ]
[00:22.46]I was born in the dark
[00:28.46]Darkness of my hunger and pain
[00:32.98]I was born this way
[00:37.74]And you can't take my hunger away
[00:42.74]Vans on my feet
[00:48.50]Will carry me
[00:53.01]This cold concrete
[00:59.01]Will set me free
[01:04.53]Set me free
[01:06.28]Everyone's searching for a purpose in life
[01:08.53]A house for a home with some kids would be nice
[01:11.03]Taught to believe that if we don't achieve
[01:13.53]We're just another waste of space in front of a TV screen
[01:16.29]I'm scared to believe in myself these days
[01:19.05]'Cause if I try and I fail what will my friends say?
[01:21.80]In a world full of hopes and dreams
[01:24.55]I get nightmares every single time I sleep
[01:27.55]Vans on my feet
[01:31.05]Will carry me
[01:33.80]Set me free
[01:36.30]To be who I wanna be
[01:50.06]Vans on my feet
[01:54.55]Will carry me
[02:00.31]This cold concrete
[02:05.81]Will set me free
[02:10.06]Set me free