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Lrc Venti's Apology by Froggie

Venti's Apology - Froggie LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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93124 - Venti's Apology by Froggie [02:25.48] 6 days ago
by Guest
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[ti:Venti's Apology]
[00:08.77] Four winds,
[00:10.51] Flying free,
[00:12.51] High above, far east,
[00:15.02] Of Dear Mondstadt
[00:18.51] Fields sown with soft melodies...
[00:22.02] Sing for thee
[00:26.26] Two hearts, torn apart
[00:30.51] Will the one alone still carry onwards?
[00:36.00] Long is the path you embark
[00:44.51] As the sky fills with storms
[00:48.26] and the
[00:49.76] Gray clouds cry endlessly
[00:53.27] I know
[00:55.54] That your hate
[00:57.77] Was for me
[01:02.51] Still I look on ahead
[01:06.01] I know,
[01:08.29] That life's not set in stone
[01:11.52] It flows
[01:13.26] Just like a breeze
[01:15.26] In the wind
[01:16.27] Towards home
[01:20.76] Above
[01:22.77] Dear Mondstadt
[01:24.76] Where the winds end up,
[01:27.01] Like from times past
[01:30.28] Would you forgive me,
[01:34.04] If I asked?
[01:38.76] Dvalin,
[01:40.52] Wind of East,
[01:43.02] You were always free
[01:44.76] To choose your destiny
[01:48.02] Go, with my blessings,
[01:51.76] Dear friend.