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Lrc Warm up by NF

Warm up - NF LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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60847 - Warm up by NF [02:51.65] 10 months ago
by Guest
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[ti:Warm up]
[00:05.63]Something for the fans
[00:15.88]I'm the type to rent a hotel room just to feel at home
[00:19.38]I'm the type to rent a hotel room just to be alone
[00:23.40]I got an issue with people pretending they like what they don't
[00:26.15]Please don't bring up my issues unless you gon' deal with your own
[00:28.87]Please don't try to pretend like you keep it real, though
[00:31.64]Yeah it's funny that you got a lotta money
[00:33.37]But that money doesn't buy you skills, though
[00:35.37]I don't care if I am on the billboards
[00:37.13]On a killing spree, I'm about to kill more
[00:39.11]Got a chain on you paid a mill' for
[00:40.88]I mean what you people even live for?
[00:42.64]I write raps, you steal yours, oh Lord (haha)
[00:45.89]We just getting warmed up
[00:47.13]Yeah, I said I was coming, I warned you
[00:48.88]So close to the fans, I feel like they ride on my tour bus
[00:51.39]You wanna know what I do in my downtime?
[00:53.63]Then come to my fortress
[00:55.13]I apologize for all the corpses
[00:56.90]It's a mess right now but I haven't had time to put the rappers in the coffins
[01:00.85]We ain't talked in like six years, why you writing me now?
[01:03.87]I just turned 100k down just to keep the brand looking right, now (that's real)
[01:07.62]I ain't bragging about the money, I'm just saying I ain't controlled by the bank account
[01:10.89]Or the bank amounts
[01:11.87]I'm a businessman but don't touch my money, I don't play around
[01:15.15]Lights out when the mics out
[01:17.12]About to hit the West Coast, hype crowd
[01:18.88]I just put a record out
[01:19.86]What you think I'm gonna pipe down?
[01:21.13]Nah, I've been looking for a beat, look what I found, woo
[01:23.44]I mean everything that's coming out of my mouth
[01:25.39]Tried to tell me, yeah, I ain't had the right sound
[01:27.36]Oh, yeah, well
[01:28.62]Tell me what you think now
[01:30.18]Two records in the bag, I ain't done, though
[01:31.86]What's coming next year?
[01:32.88]Let me hear the drum roll
[01:33.61]Don't flow, anybody wanna be the one to make an issue out of nothing?
[01:35.87]I'mma hit you with my iPhone
[01:37.36]I know I'm a little out of hand now
[01:39.37]I ain't looking for a handout
[01:40.88]You didn't like what I was doing last year
[01:42.37]Which is funny 'cause you lookin' like a fan now
[01:44.12]Are you a fan now?
[01:46.12]I kinda miss being broke now let me go back to my old days
[01:49.12]When I used to walk into high school
[01:50.87]And hand out my CD in hallways
[01:52.87]I told all my teachers that I'd be a rapper
[01:54.61]They smiled and looked at me, "okay"
[01:56.63]That's a pretty nice dream, but you better get a real job"
[01:59.10]"Mmm, no way"
[02:00.88]Yeah I live what you dreamin'
[02:01.87]I could do this while I'm sleepin'
[02:03.11]I ain't the type that will bring up your name for nothing
[02:05.37]But please, don't give me a reason
[02:06.86]I'm on the edge now, I ain't playin' with you
[02:08.92]Never really been a fan of takin' pictures
[02:10.86]I'm just being honest, yeah, I'll take it with you
[02:12.86]Shows sellin' out, better get your tickets, oh Lord!
[02:15.87]I got a love for the fans
[02:17.11]I can't express what it feels like
[02:19.11]Sometimes I wonder if it's even real life
[02:21.36]Sometimes I look at the past and think about how I got here in the first place
[02:24.87]You know the glove is my birthplace
[02:27.11]I don't wanna be rude but I could get you on my worst days
[02:29.86]Say nothing for me, do it all the time
[02:31.36]Yeah they barely workin' while I'm workin' overtime
[02:33.60]Last year they like, "who am I?"
[02:35.41]Now this year they like, "you the guy"
[02:37.38]Here's a little something for your car rides
[02:39.13]If they said I fell off, They all lied
[02:40.86]Yeah, you know the logo, better recognize
[02:42.66]Yeah it's Real Music 'till the day we die, yeah!