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Lrc Waves

Waves LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

LRC contents are synchronized by Megalobiz Users via our LRC Generator and controlled by Megalobiz Staff. You may find multiple LRC for the same music and some LRC may not be formatted properly.
11228 - Waves [02:54.21] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:02.00]{00:02.49,Em} ( I n {00:03.55,D}t r o {00:05.30,Bm7}) {00:06.23,C}
[00:07.75]{00:08.02,Em} ( I n {00:09.02,D}t r o {00:10.75,Bm7}) {00:11.76,C}
[00:13.01]{00:13.50,Em} ( I n {00:14.50,D}t r o {00:16.25,Bm7}) {00:17.24,C}
[00:18.50]{00:19.00,Em} ( I n {00:19.98,D}t r o {00:21.73,Bm7}) {00:22.72,C}
[00:24.01]{00:24.44,Em} {00:25.52,D}My face above the {00:27.25,Bm7}water {00:28.19,C}
[00:29.51]{00:29.95,Em} {00:30.92,D}My feet can't touch the gro{00:32.64,Bm7}und
[00:33.14]Touch th{00:33.68,C}e ground, and it feels li{00:35.43,Em}ke
[00:36.29]{00:36.46,D} I can see the {00:38.23,Bm7}sands on the {00:39.17,C}horizon
[00:40.18]Ever{00:40.90,Em}ytime{00:41.93,D} you are not arou{00:43.74,Bm7}nd
[00:44.43]{00:44.67,C}I'm slowly driftin{00:46.41,Em}g away{00:47.48,D} (drifting aw{00:49.17,Bm7}ay)
[00:49.93]{00:50.16,C} Wave after w{00:51.89,Em}ave,{00:52.92,D} wave after wave{00:54.63,Bm7}
[00:55.42]{00:55.64,C}I'm slowly drift{00:57.37,Em}ing {00:58.40,D}(drifting aw{01:00.07,Bm7}ay)
[01:00.93]{01:01.11,C}And it feels like I'm dro{01:02.84,Em}wning
[01:03.81]{01:03.84,D} Pulling against the {01:05.59,Bm7}stream
[01:06.45]{01:06.65,C} Pulling against th{01:08.32,Em}e stream{01:09.36,D} {01:11.06,Bm7}
[01:11.96]{01:12.12,C}( I n t {01:13.81,Em}e r l u {01:14.85,D}d e )
[01:16.21]{01:16.53,Bm7}( I n t e r {01:17.57,C}l u d e )
[01:18.96]{01:19.29,Em}( I n t {01:20.37,D}e r l u{01:22.03,Bm7} d e ) {01:23.04,C}
[01:24.21]{01:24.78,Em}( I n t {01:25.81,D}e r l u{01:27.53,Bm7} d e ) {01:28.57,C}
[01:29.71]{01:30.26,Em} {01:31.33,D} I wish I could make it {01:33.04,Bm7}easy {01:34.06,C}
[01:35.46]{01:35.75,Em} {01:36.78,D} Easy to lov{01:38.52,Bm7}e me{01:39.52,C}, love me
[01:40.96]{01:41.23,Em} But still I {01:42.29,D}reach, to find a {01:44.06,Bm7}way
[01:44.36]I'm stuck her{01:45.03,C}e in between
[01:46.11]I'm {01:46.72,Em}looking for t{01:47.80,D}he right words to {01:49.54,Bm7}say
[01:50.35]{01:50.51,C}I'm slowly drif{01:52.25,Em}ting,{01:53.25,D} drifting aw{01:54.97,Bm7}ay
[01:55.86]{01:55.98,C} Wave after {01:57.68,Em}wave,{01:58.72,D} wave after wa{02:00.44,Bm7}ve
[02:01.11]{02:01.44,C}I'm slowly drif{02:03.21,Em}ting {02:04.23,D}(drifting aw{02:05.91,Bm7}ay)
[02:06.86]{02:06.92,C}And it feels like I'm {02:08.68,Em}drowning
[02:09.52]{02:09.69,D} Pulling against the {02:11.42,Bm7}stream
[02:12.27]{02:12.46,C} Pulling against th{02:14.14,Em}e stream {02:15.21,D} {02:16.91,Bm7}
[02:17.77]{02:17.95,C}( I n t e {02:19.65,Em}r l u d {02:20.69,D}e )
[02:22.02]{02:22.39,Bm7}( I n t e {02:23.42,C}r l u d e )
[02:24.77]{02:25.13,Em}( I n t {02:26.19,D}e r l u d {02:27.87,Bm7}e ) {02:28.88,C}
[02:30.27]{02:30.64,Em}( I n t {02:31.72,D}e r l u d {02:33.41,Bm7}e ) {02:34.48,C}
[02:35.77]{02:36.14,Em}( I n t {02:37.16,D}e r l u d {02:38.90,Bm7}e ) {02:39.99,C}
[02:41.52]{02:41.95,Em}( O u t r{02:43.02,D} o )
[02:44.53]{02:45.09,Bm7}( O u t r {02:46.49,C}o )