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Lrc Where the Ocean Meets the Sky (Where You End and I Begin)

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky (Where You End and I Begin) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50443 - Where the Ocean Meets the Sky (Where You End and I Begin) [05:54.84] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.73]every time you look at me i'm overthrown by gravity pulling me down
[00:04.13]is it trying to bury me, bring on my early death or hold me safely to the ground?
[00:04.93]every word you said to me is carved into my memory like words on a gravestone
[00:05.77]i let my heart build a monument and dedicate it to you without realizing i'd made it into my home
[00:06.83]what goes around comes back around
[00:07.95]and it's all coming back to me
[00:08.49]i didn't know how to love someone who needed the ocean
[00:09.05]when all i had was the sea
[00:09.59]if i could explain i'm sure you'd understand
[00:10.11]but you never listen to me
[00:10.93]i'm standing trial against everyone i've ever loved
[00:11.47]and they've all found me guilty
[00:12.03]if i let you destroy me will you finally feel free?
[00:14.39]you called me again in the middle of the night
[00:14.95]to tell me you found god in the centre of the eyes
[00:15.50]of a pretty girl who never cries the way i did every day
[00:16.03]now the sun puts on a show, she's taking off her clothes
[00:16.61]but the moon just says goodnight
[00:18.85]and so it goes with you and i and all our starry-eyed fantasies, washed away
[00:19.99]as the trees all shed their leaves, seasons change and so do we
[00:20.53]as we burn away our fears
[00:20.80]with ink stains on our hands from all the eulogies we read
[00:21.33]shaking hands, make us bleed
[00:22.97]you are bitter wind
[00:23.51]against my freezing skin
[00:24.05]the reason i stay in on these cold october days
[00:24.61]you're the breath that i inhale
[00:24.91]while i write these words
[00:25.69]wishing there was something i could say
[00:25.95]i know i fall to pieces every time you touch me
[00:26.50]but i really want you to stay
[00:27.10]my funeral boy, body like a coffin
[00:27.67]laying in an empty grave
[00:29.33]i tried to write about the end of the world
[00:29.61]but i wrote about you instead
[00:30.43]your breath is the saddest song i've ever heard
[00:30.69]and i can't get it out of my head