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Lrc Yoru Ga Akeru

Yoru Ga Akeru LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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71334 - Yoru Ga Akeru [04:41.44] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[ti:Yoru Ga Akeru]
[00:01.38]Even if I don't sleep,
[00:04.01]dawn will break
[00:06.80]As I gaze over it
[00:20.90]Over the unchanging white wall
[00:31.53]The sun shines and the clock ticks forward
[00:42.01]The seasons I had lived in with you
[00:52.50]Become distant to me little by little
[01:08.88]I wander into the night like this
[01:14.77]It's painful
[01:16.10]Even if I don't sleep,
[01:18.86]dawn will break
[01:21.12]As I gaze over it
[01:26.62]Things changing, things ending
[01:31.87]Things beginning
[01:37.35]I can live without you
[01:42.73]That's sad for me
[01:47.70]Look, dawn is nearly breaking
[01:53.20]Dawn is breaking
[01:59.72]Blooming in Spring,
[02:04.70]withering in Autumn
[02:10.23]But over and over, if it sprouts again
[02:26.20]It's not "until here" but "from here"
[02:32.33]I understand
[02:33.46]Even if I don't sleep,
[02:36.20]dawn will break
[02:38.72]The connected hands will eventually separate
[02:43.71]Even if I lose my way
[02:49.19]Cry and scream, eventually it'll stop
[02:54.68]I can live without you
[02:59.96]But even if I'm not loved, I miss you
[03:05.19]Look, dawn is nearly breaking
[03:10.70]Dawn is breaking
[03:27.56]When no one knows if a wish will come true
[03:35.43]People call it hope
[03:42.42]Even without you,
[03:45.42]dawn will break
[03:47.93]The separated hands will connect again soon
[03:53.19]One will see the light at the end of a long night
[04:03.84]Even if I'm scared, I can keep on living
[04:09.20]When the sun rises, I'll start walking again
[04:14.69]Look, dawn is nearly breaking
[04:19.69]So I'll be okay
[04:25.54]Look, it's coming soon, right there
[04:30.59]Dawn is breaking