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Lrc bullet

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100331 - bullet [00:00.00] 4 days ago
by Guest
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[00:13.22]Stupid perfection in your own castle
[00:18.66]How smart. You cause me to yawn
[00:24.80]The key to the door is in your hand
[00:31.20]Don’t you let anyone take control
[00:34.36]What do you want?
[00:39.60]Go get it. Play by your own rule
[00:44.94]The winner always controls the game
[00:50.78]You stand in your belief
[00:58.18]Sweet talk, silver and black
[01:03.38]Collapsed and gone, covered in flies
[01:08.70]There seems no easy way
[01:13.80]Like a joke, it’s uncontrollable
[01:18.84]Every second leaves you another choice
[01:24.28]Can’t take it anymore?
[01:26.54]For once and for all, determine your way
[01:29.86]What is your faith?
[01:34.98]Recognize your twisted mind
[01:40.34]Hold your ground now
[01:44.66]Open your eyes
[01:46.50]Won’t you face your fate
[01:56.60]Reverse the delay. Discontinue
[01:58.82]You’re aware? Those chains
[02:07.76]There’s no promising future
[02:12.70]Always helpless
[02:15.14]Crying for the moon
[02:17.78]Finger trembles in fear
[02:20.26]With the weight of the trigger
[02:23.10]There’s a way for us
[02:26.44]Show them how we fight
[02:30.36]Pull the trigger