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Lrc dakara hitori ja nai by AmaLee

dakara hitori ja nai - AmaLee LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43354 - dakara hitori ja nai by AmaLee [01:28.16] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:dakara hitori ja nai]
[00:04.67]Gonna triumph!
[00:15.92]How come I am the only one
[00:18.42]To always face a hurricane
[00:20.93]Back then I used to think it all so meaningless
[00:24.92](Was so alone)
[00:26.67]But everything began to change
[00:28.93]We're getting closer day by day
[00:31.92]Together, we can take off and chase after all those fleeting dreams
[00:38.18]You'll find the answers if you search the sky
[00:42.93]But that's a lie, why can't be that easy?
[00:48.67]But now's the time to prove that we're alive
[00:52.92]Take a chance, we'll never know, come on let's go!
[00:57.67]Again we're crying, but trying
[01:00.42]To prove we can overcome it
[01:02.92]I know that we'll rise above each and every time
[01:07.68](Everything will be fine!)
[01:08.92]I'll reach for your hand, Your my friend
[01:11.17]You are not alone this time
[01:13.92]So, make a vow
[01:16.42]In your heart, to not give up
[01:26.92]Gonna triumph