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40304 - eng_ ( [04:06.99] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:01.15]Hello everyone! Today is that one special day of the term again.
[00:03.40]It’s English Day.
[00:05.16]Hey Danny. Do you smell something?
[00:09.65]Of course, I do. It’s the smell of Hong Kong delights!
[00:12.90]Let’s watch a video and see what type of delicacies Hong Kong has to offer.
[03:13.67]Hmm…. I recognize this place.
[03:17.06]Do they sell local street food around here?
[03:19.55]But the place which serves the best traditional food is ‘Australia Dairy Company’,
[03:21.56]the place is well-known for its scrambled egg, toast and a bowl of hot macaroni in soup.
[03:24.56] For a good bargain, it is definitely a good placeto go to for lunch this afternoon
[03:30.31]Oh dear! That makes me so hungry.
[03:35.31]I’ve just got an idea for lunch, how about Australia Dairy?
[03:38.56]Wait a minute, That’s the school bell. Its lunchtime!!!!
[03:46.31]I’ll go get seats! See you there! Bye
[03:52.06]Well that’s it for today folks!
[03:54.80]Got to head to lunch
[03:57.32]Stay tuned for our next English Day!
[04:00.06]See you soon!