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Lrc euthanasia by Nick Cave

euthanasia - Nick Cave LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81454 - euthanasia by Nick Cave [02:58.86] 3 months ago
by Guest
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[ar:Nick Cave]
[al:Idiot Prayer]
[au:Nick Cave]
[02:46.92]I look for you underneath the damp earth
[02:47.18]I look to you in the night sky
[02:47.42]I look to you in underneath the thorn bush
[02:47.42]I look for you in the old city
[02:47.68]And in looking for you I lost myself
[02:47.68]Lost myself in time
[02:47.94]Lost myself into the damp earth
[02:47.94]Lost myself in the night sky
[02:48.32]Lost myself underneath the thorn bush
[02:48.42]Lost myself in the old city
[02:48.42]And in losing myself I found myself
[02:48.67]Found myself in time
[02:48.67]Oh, when you stepped out of the vehicle
[02:48.94]And attached yourself to my heart
[02:49.17]It was a kind of dying
[02:49.17]A kind of dying
[02:49.42]Dying of time
[02:50.17]And I fled from the old city
[02:50.42]Fled underneath the thorn bush
[02:50.42]Fled into the night sky
[02:50.68]Fled underneath the damp earth
[02:50.68]Where I passed through a doorway
[02:50.94]And found you sitting at the kitchen table
[02:51.18]And smiling
[02:51.18]That smile that smiles, that smiles
[02:51.44]That smile that smiles, that smiles
[02:51.44]That smile that smiles, that smiles
[02:51.69]Smiles just in time