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Lrc evolving by Ryan Trey

evolving - Ryan Trey LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43883 - evolving by Ryan Trey [03:27.59] 1 year ago
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[ar:Ryan Trey]
[00:44.91]I gotta give you the truth, I don't want none of these problems
[01:08.92]Shit is heavy I've been weighing my options
[01:11.26]I hope my family is listening
[01:12.72]Sorry, music has stopped me from visiting
[01:19.06]And I get a text from [?]
[01:21.01]She know every insecurity other people trynna help just ain't getting it, calling friends just to see what's been up with him
[01:26.54]Halo, you've have reached the sprint voicemail box of...
[01:32.17]There goes another one, I just wanna see your face on a call
[01:34.69]Other women wouldn't keep me on pause
[01:36.03]Readjusting to when she wasn't involved
[01:37.75]Now I'm learning what to do when I'm lost
[01:39.67]Now I'm twenty seven seconds out from saying fuck you and fuck it all
[01:42.98]I don't need anyone, I don't need nothing from anyone
[01:45.43]I don't need sorry's from anyone, hopefully I get it right on my own
[01:47.08]I gotta stay in my zone, I gotta turn of my phone
[01:50.70]I just turned eighteen in March and I got more problems than a thirty year old
[01:54.84]I just turned eighteen in March but no excuses for it
[01:57.74]That's the life that I chose, I don't need nothing new
[01:59.98]I just need to out with the O's for real