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70967 - (5) by Bill [03:02.23] 7 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:02.38]Curtis: Hi Spencer, I thought we might talk about fashion a little bit. Could you describe to me your style or your fashion sense?
[00:09.63]Spencer: Well my fashion sense has definitely changed over the last decade.
[00:13.13]I was kind of recently out of uni and my uni years it was always every night I wanted to look superb.
[00:20.63]I even dressed up for class, it was, you know, that whatchamacallit a big university,
[00:27.63]but it was also a very old kind of university where everybody dressed up all the time, very southern, very, you know, let's look good for every kind of occasion.
[00:35.13]And since graduating from there, I have, you know, entered the real world and I only dress up for work or if I'm going out, which I love dressing up for an occasion.
[00:44.88]But day-to-day I also love just throwing on a t-shirt and jeans, what about you?
[00:50.38]Curtis: I think for me the most important thing is comfort. So my fashion sense hasn't really changed very much.
[00:57.13]I would still wear shorts and a t-shirt and sandals almost every day if I could. But because of my job I have to dress up for work.
[01:06.13] But it's not really comfortable and I feel like it's not really me.
[01:09.38]Occasionally I do like to wear a suit but maybe once in a long while, not every day.
[01:15.88]Spencer: Yeah, it definitely after several, you know, weeks of kind of throwing on the same day-to-day comfortable clothes, and you have one occasion that you go out for and dress up for,
[01:26.13]it does kind of feel like, you know, oh, I'm worth a million bucks like, you know, looking great, one time you're wearing ... dressed to the nines, wearing all your best clothes.
[01:34.63]Curtis: Right. At the same time if I do dress up I want the most comfortable clothes I can get to dress up in, like I want shoes that look nice.
[01:43.38]But to me, looking comfortable looks nice. If I see people who don't look comfortable in what they're wearing I don't think they look very good.
[01:51.13]So sometimes I see people with really tall heels for example and people might say, "Oh, this looks so nice."
[01:57.13] But I just, I feel like they must be painful, it must be really hard to wear and to walk in.
[02:05.13]Spencer: That's so true, I hate heels, I cannot wear heels.
[02:07.63]Half of it's confidence though, like I don't like being particularly taller than a lot of people, it just kind of makes me unconfident.
[02:15.63]But every now and then like you see a really tall person wearing a pair of heels, and you know, shoulders high like super, super confident and they look great.
[02:29.88]But also it is painful after several hours of wearing heels if you're walking around a bit.
[02:30.63]Curtis: Right. Sometimes I find that with men's dress shoes as well, sometimes they're really narrow and my feet are a little bit wide and so you get these really long and pointed dress shoes that narrow towards the toes.
[02:39.88]And because of that I have a very hard time finding dress shoes for myself.
[02:45.38]I have to do a lot of shopping to find a good pair.
[02:47.38]Spencer: I got lucky, I have tiny feet, so every time I walk into a shoe store my size happens to be the one that's on display.
[02:53.88]Curtis: Oh, I see.
[02:55.38]Spencer: And it's really quite good, yeah. Oh, that looks cute, I can just try it on then and there, so yeah, it is good.
[03:00.63]Curtis: Yeah.