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Lrc (73) by Bill (73) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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91039 - (73) by Bill [04:24.41] 1 day ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.39]Todd: So I’m here with Jerri and she is from Thailand, and we’re talking about islands.
[00:04.65]So these islands in Thailand get a lot of tourists.
[00:09.64]Jerri: Yes, right.
[00:10.40]Todd: Thailand probably gets more tourists to its islands than any other country in the world.
[00:14.39]Is there like any concerns about the environment or development on the islands?
[00:20.39]Jerri: Yes, of course. Wherever there are people, there’s always an effect on the environment.
[00:25.64]And you see this a lot, especially on the most visited islands such as Phuket and Samoi with the development of condominiums, schools, malls, leads to deforestation, of course, and more pollution.
[00:43.64]You also see the effect more on the more vulnerable islands like the smaller islands such as, I think, Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lanta.
[00:53.89]All of the islands used to be full of trees and it used to be like national parks.
[01:02.39]And now with the people taking speed boats and everything, you really see the oils on the sea.
[01:07.89]The coral reefs are not as colorful as they should be. All the plastic that comes with, you know, getting food boxes, plastic straws.
[01:18.39]Yeah. And you really see the ecosystems in the sea are affected.
[01:26.14]Todd: Yeah, that’s what I tell – that’s a problem that we have to solve everywhere in the world, it seems like, especially the plastic.
[01:31.39]Do you know about Easter Island in Chile? You know, with the big stone statues?
[01:37.39]Jerri: No, not so much.
[01:38.89]Todd: Yeah, that reminds me of Easter Island which is, you know, famous in Chile for its really large stone monuments like the stone faces.
[01:48.39]And they couldn’t figure out how the people disappeared or why they disappeared, and now they think it’s because they cut down all the trees.
[01:55.14]Jerri: Oh, wow.
[01:55.89]Todd: And after they cut down all the trees, that basically destroyed the environment, and the people couldn’t survive anymore so they had to leave the island.
[02:02.64]So islands really are vulnerable, especially with their trees, right?
[02:07.14]Jerri: Right. Yeah, absolutely.
[02:08.89]Todd: That’s one of the reasons I really like Koh Chang, because you can only develop on one side of the road, you know.
[02:14.39]Jerri: Yeah.
[02:15.14]Todd: So there’s a road around the island and if it’s on the beach side you can develop, but anything inland on the other side of the road, there’s pretty much no development.
[02:24.14]Jerri: Yes. But there are also on the positive side you see, you know, when – there are things like bad things happening to environment, you see innovation, people actually coming up with ideas.
[02:36.64]So a lot of hotel chains, for example, are becoming more sustainable.
[02:45.14]They’re incorporating metal straws, paper straws.
[02:47.89]So you do see some changes but there’s a long way to go.
[02:52.14]Todd: Yeah, you know, I think that’s a great point. Like eventually, business can find the solution.
[02:58.14]Jerri: Yeah, yeah. That’s always…
[02:58.89]Todd: It’s in their best interest, right? Oh, that’s really nice. So what about the economy? I guess the biggest jobs are the resorts?
[03:07.39]Jerri: Yes. So the Thai economy relies on tourists.
[03:10.14]Yeah, like the hotels, the restaurants, that’s where we get our money flowing, I would say.
[03:18.64]Todd: Right. So that’s your [inaudible 0:03:19.4] of the capital influx from other countries.
[03:23.39]Jerri: Yes.
[03:24.14]Todd: Right, okay. So, you live in Bangkok. Out of curiosity, how often do you get to a resort or to the beach?
[03:31.14]Jerri: More than I should, to be honest. Like I love the islands so every opportunity I get, I’ll fly down south, and then visit the different ones.
[03:40.89]But yeah, as I mentioned, my favorite one would be Koh Pangan. Yeah.
[03:43.14]Todd: Can you fly directly from Bangkok to Koh Pangan?
[03:48.14]Jerri: Yes. Well, not directly, but you can fly to the mainland which is Surat Thani.
[03:53.39]And it’s actually nice just to spend a day there because Surat Thani, there’s like a culture there and then you get to try the authentic Southern food before you actually go to the islands and it becomes a little bit more like Western, with the taste and everything.
[04:10.40]So that’s my recommendation. And then the next day, you can just go to the pier and take a ferry to the different islands you want to go to.
[04:18.39]Todd: Oh, wow. So I definitely, definitely want to take your advice.
[04:21.89]Jerri: Thank you.
[04:23.39]Todd: Well, that’s really nice.