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Lrc (83) by Bill (83) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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92597 - (83) by Bill [01:25.60] 9 hours ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.88]Todd: Hello, Gabrielle!
[00:02.13]Gabrielle: Hello!
[00:02.63]Todd: How are you doing today?
[00:03.38]Gabrielle: Good thanks.
[00:04.38]Todd: Now, Gabrielle, I hear that you are going back home to New Zealand.
[00:06.63]Gabrielle: That's right. I'm going home for summer.
[00:08.63]Todd: OK. What are your plans?
[00:09.88]Gabrielle: Probably a week relaxing, going camping, and then I'm going back to work.
[00:15.88]Todd: Oh, OK. Where do you work?
[00:17.63]Gabrielle: I teach as an English teacher in Christchurch in New Zealand.
[00:22.64]Todd: Oh, OK. And that's where you're from, naturally.
[00:24.38]Gabrielle: That's right.
[00:26.64]Todd: Were you born there?
[00:26.88]Gabrielle: I was, yeah.
[00:27.38]Todd: Well, you are going to have this short little break or vacation, are you going go to the beach or the mountains?
[00:33.38]Gabrielle: Probably, to the beach and camping for about a week with friends. Yeah.
[00:39.88]Todd: Actually, how warm is it in the summer?
[00:41.13]Gabrielle: Probably, a maximum of about 30 degrees. A nice dry heat. Very comfortable.
[00:50.13]Todd: So when you go to the beach is the water warm enough to swim in?
[00:52.63]Gabrielle: No, no! We swim but it is not warm. Yeah! It's pretty chilly actually.
[00:57.88]Todd: OK. Any other plans when you go home?
[01:00.13]Gabrielle: Yeah, I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family and animals.
[01:06.38]Todd: Animals?
[01:07.38]Gabrielle: Well, I miss my pets.
[01:08.63]Todd: OK. Well, what pets do you have?
[01:10.13]Gabrielle: I have a cat, a dog, a sheep called Sydney, and two goldfish.
[01:17.13]Todd: Wow!
[01:17.88]Gabrielle: Yeah! And I really miss them.
[01:19.13]Todd: I'm sure they're really excited to see you. Alright, thanks a lot.
[01:23.13]Gabrielle: Cheers!