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Lrc (9) by Bill (9) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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71073 - (9) by Bill [02:25.82] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.63]Michael: So Ana, you're from Portugal. Can you tell me a little bit about your country?
[00:05.13]Ana: Yes, sure. Portugal is a really small country actually. It's right by Spain in Europe and we have really nice weather there.
[00:14.38]It's really sunny most of the year and really hot in summer. It can get really cold and really rainy in winter. But yeah, overall, it's a really nice country to live in.
[00:29.63]Michael: And I've heard you have nice beaches in Portugal.
[00:31.13]Ana: Yes, we do. I used to go to the beach everyday with my family in summer. It was really great.
[00:38.13]But the beaches can get really crowded. Lots of people, so you might want to be a bit careful when you choose where to go.
[00:47.13]Michael: All right, I see. And where do you live in Portugal?
[00:50.38]Ana: I live in a small village actually. You probably don't know it. It's called Palmela.
[00:56.63]But it's south of Lisbon and it's by the coast, so it's really nice. We get a nice view of the mountains and of the rivers. So I really enjoy living there.
[01:09.63]It's really quite. Not a lot of people. A lot of wine farms actually and really nice food. You should come and visit sometime.
[01:14.13]Michael: I like wine. And so you have good wine in Portugal. What sort of food do you eat in Portugal?
[01:21.13]Ana: Let's see. We get a lot of fish because we're by the sea. And so codfish is a traditional and sardines and mackerels.
[01:34.63]Michael: Oh, I like sardines.
[01:35.88]Ana: Yeah. It's really good. And we also have really good desserts. So for example, coffee cake, yogurt cake.
[01:42.13]We've got pastel de nata which is kind of an egg tart thing.
[01:48.38]So I really recommend you try that with our coffee when you go there.
[01:51.38]Michael: All right. And you speak Portuguese as your first language.
[01:57.63]Ana: Yes, I do. I speak Portuguese. It's not the same as Brazilian Portuguese but it's really close and we can understand each other. So that's really great.
[02:06.13]Michael: All right. And can you understand Spanish as well?
[02:08.13]Ana: Yeah. I can understand a little bit of Spanish but there are some differences between Portuguese and Spanish.
[02:15.88]Michael: How do you say hello in Portuguese?
[02:19.63]Ana: Oh, you can say, "Ola."
[02:20.63]Michael: Ola.
[02:21.38]Ana: Yeah, it's fun. You should learn some Portuguese.
[02:22.63]Michael: Oh, I'd love to.