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Lrc (90) by Bill (90) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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93370 - (90) by Bill [01:09.46] 6 days ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.63]Todd: OK, Conrad.
[00:01.88]Conrad: Yeah.
[00:02.38]Todd: You're quite the jock!
[00:03.13]Conrad: Thanks, Todd.
[00:04.88]Todd: Yeah. So, we're gonna talk about sports.
[00:07.88]Conrad: All right.
[00:08.63]Todd: What sports do you like?
[00:10.13]Conrad: Well, I like a lot of sports but basketball is my favorite. Definitely.
[00:13.88]Todd: Oh, really?
[00:14.88]Conrad: Yeah!
[00:15.38]Todd: OK. How long have you been playing basketball?
[00:17.63]Conrad: Let's see.. Probably about thirty years. I'm thirty seven now and I think I was in elementary school when I started to play at first.
[00:26.13]Todd: Wow, at what age were you your best?
[00:27.88]Conrad: Let's see.. Probably around 20 maybe. Sometime when I was in college. Yeah.
[00:34.88]Todd: What position did you play when you played basketball?
[00:36.88]Conrad: Guard. A little bit of forward, depending on what kind of team I was playing on.
[00:42.63]Todd: Yeah, were you mainly an offensive or defensive player?
[00:45.88]Conrad: Defensive. Yeah.
[00:46.63]Todd: OK. Do you still watch a lot of basketball on TV?
[00:49.13]Conrad: Well, now living in Japan I don't get many chances to watch the NBA but I do follow it on the internet.
[00:58.38]Todd: OK. Do you still play basketball?
[00:59.88]Conrad: Yeah. I play about once a week with my-- at the university I work at with the club team there.
[01:05.38]Todd: OK. Great. Alright. Thanks a lot Conrad.
[01:07.13]Conrad: Sure. No problemTodd.