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Lrc (94) by Bill (94) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80593 - (94) by Bill [03:42.77] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.64]Aimee: So what are some of the characteristics of the women and the girls who always win?
[00:05.64]Gilda: Well, you know, they have – well, recently, they did a sort of like a reality show.
[00:11.64]And like the whole country get to see what's happening in this Miss Venezuela organization.
[00:21.14]And they are always looking for something trendy, like what's popular in America.
[00:29.64]Aimee: Okay.
[00:30.64]Gilda: If there's a blonde girl or a brunette or – and normally, tall with all the perfect, 90-60-90 – is it?
[00:39.89]Aimee: Hmm?
[00:41.14]Gilda: 90-60-90 I think is the perfect…
[00:44.64]Aimee: Oh, you're talking about measurements?
[00:45.89]Gilda: Yeah, the body.
[00:47.89]Aimee: Like body size measurements.
[00:48.89]Gilda: Yes. Yes.
[00:49.39]Aimee: Right. So that's important too, obviously.
[00:50.64]Gilda: Yes. Yeah. That's really important. Yeah. Also the hair, the eyes, the teeth, everything.
[00:58.64]Yeah, so they think about many, many things.
[01:00.39]Aimee: So it's all based on physical appearance.
[01:07.39]Gilda: Yes, yes.
[01:08.14]Aimee: Of course it's a beauty pageant.
[01:10.39]Gilda: Of course, they go under a training, I heard, of almost one year.
[01:13.39]Aimee: Wow.
[01:14.14]Gilda: So they train them in terms of how to express themselves using proper language.
[01:20.64]Aimee: Yeah.
[01:21.39]Gilda: And yeah, and also beauty; how to make-up, how to fix their hair or something like…
[01:27.89]Aimee: Okay. So like maintenance and self –
[01:29.14]Gilda: Yes, exactly.
[01:30.14]Aimee: Self presentation, I guess.
[01:31.39]Gilda: Yes, yes, yes. Yes.
[01:32.89]Aimee: Wow. What about – I don't know much about beauty pageants, so but I've heard or I've noticed that you have to have a skill as well, don't you?
[01:40.14]An extra, a special skill like what's your, what are you going to present to the judges as your additional skill. Is that the case?
[01:47.64]Gilda: That's more like American beauty pageants.
[01:51.89]Aimee: Okay.
[01:52.39]Gilda: So in Venezuela, they are not introduced like, they don't introduce to the audience a skill.
[02:00.14]Aimee: Okay.
[02:00.64]Gilda: They just go there and do the swimsuit competition and the evening gown.
[02:09.64]Aimee: Yeah.
[02:10.64]Gilda: And then, a question.
[02:11.39]Aimee: Yeah.
[02:12.39]Gilda: And then they're crowned.
[02:13.89]Aimee: What kind of question might it be?
[02:14.39]Gilda: Well, they have many kind of questions but sometimes the questions are really difficult.
[02:22.89]Aimee: Yeah.
[02:23.39]Gilda: But normally, it's about life, about world peace, about helping others, philanthropic activities. Yeah, that kind…
[02:33.14]Aimee: Off the top of your head, can you give an example of a question that…?
[02:37.14]Gilda: An example?
[02:37.64]Aimee: Yeah.
[02:38.39]Gilda: Like once, a girl was asked what's the difference between forgive and asking for permission.
[02:51.64]Like she had to explain what's the difference when you as for a permission and when you ask for forgiveness.
[02:58.39]Aimee: Oh so, it's like a grammar question?
[03:00.64]Gilda: Some sort of. The thing is that she fainted.
[03:03.14]Aimee: She fainted?
[03:05.39]Gilda: Yeah.
[03:06.64]Aimee: No.
[03:08.14]Gilda: She couldn't answer. It was too much. And because they're young.
[03:12.64]I mean, we're talking about girls 17, 18 years old, students. They were wearing lots of things.
[03:17.14]They're nervous. They're in front of millions of people and…
[03:20.39]Aimee: It's a lot of pressure.
[03:21.14]Gilda: Yeah. And yeah, maybe you say like, "Oh, that's an easy question." But at that particular moment, it might not be easy.
[03:28.64]Aimee: Yeah, of course.
[03:29.64]Gilda: And plus, they don't eat because they need to fit in their dress.
[03:34.39]Aimee: Oh my goodness.
[03:35.89]Gilda: Yeah.
[03:38.39]Aimee: That just sounds so intense.
[03:39.14]Gilda: It is. It's like a marathon or something.