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Lrc (94) by Bill (94) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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93480 - (94) by Bill [01:02.46] 10 hours ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.39]Todd: OK. Victor, tomorrow you're flying home?
[00:02.89]Victor: Yes, that's correct.
[00:03.89]Todd: OK. So, are you afraid of flying?
[00:06.39]Victor: No, flying's fine.
[00:08.89]Todd: Really? Back home for your job, do you fly?
[00:10.64]Victor: No, I drive to work and to different assignments.
[00:14.89]Todd: OK. You never have to fly to go to conventions or other cities or stuff like that?
[00:19.64]Victor: Once or twice each year I do fly to go to conventions connected with my work.
[00:25.14]Todd: OK. Tomorrow you have a really long flight.
[00:28.39]Victor: That's correct.
[00:29.14]Todd: It's probably what about 15 hours?
[00:30.39]Victor: From Narita to Washington DC is 12 hours in the air.
[00:36.39]Todd: Wow. So how do you pass the time on the plane?
[00:40.39]Victor: On the plane, I like to sleep as much as possible.
[00:43.64]Todd: OK. Do you take medication or just have a beer or..?
[00:47.89]Victor: No. I don't take any medication. I just.. I tend to stay up late the day before so that I'm so tired I will want to sleep on the plane.
[00:58.14]Todd: Well, good strategy and I hope you have a good flight.
[01:00.89]Victor: Thank you very much.