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Lrc (95) by Bill (95) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80596 - (95) by Bill [03:33.63] 4 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:01.13]Todd: Hey, Meg. We are talking about traveling and visiting other countries. What countries have you traveled to?
[00:07.13]Meg: I've been to quite a few different countries, for example, Spain, Belize and Indonesia.
[00:14.63]Todd: Wow, three different continents.
[00:16.63]Meg: Yeah, pretty far apart.
[00:17.88]Todd: Wow, that's cool. So Spain, that must be a really nice country. What did you think of Spain?
[00:24.38]Meg: Spain is really beautiful. There's a lot of beautiful nature and also some nice cities.
[00:31.88]While I was there, I lived in a small city called Caceres.
[00:36.14]Todd: Oh nice. Are the people really friendly in Spain?
[00:39.88]Meg: Yes. Actually, the people are very friendly and very helpful, especially if you're lost.
[00:45.88]Todd: Oh, that's great. I hear Spanish food is really, really good.
[00:49.64]Meg: Spanish food is delicious.
[00:51.89]I lived with a Spanish family and my Spanish mom cooked delicious meals every day for lunch.
[00:58.63]In Spain, seafood is really popular, so I ate a lot of fish and shrimp.
[01:03.38]Todd: Oh, I love fish and shrimp.
[01:04.88]Meg: Me too.
[01:05.88]Todd: Now, Spain is really warm, right?
[01:09.39]Meg: Yes. Spain was very hot while I was there during the summer.
[01:14.38]Todd: Oh yeah? How hot? How hot does it get?
[01:19.13]Meg: It got up past 40 Degrees Celsius during the summer.
[01:20.88]Todd: Wow.
[01:21.88]Meg: Yeah. It was pretty hot.
[01:24.63]Todd: Does it rain?
[01:25.38]Meg: It does rain. But when I was there in the summer, it didn't rain very often.
[01:30.13]Todd: So what about Belize? Belize is a really small country.
[01:33.63]Meg: Belize is very small, but it's also hot similar to Spain in the summer.
[01:38.89]Todd: Why did you go to Belize?
[01:40.88]Meg: I went to Belize on a study trip for school, and I stayed there for about two weeks.
[01:47.38]Todd: Okay. Now, does Belize have good food?
[01:50.63]Meg: Belize also has good food. There was a family that cooked for us, and we had a lot of delicious almost Mexican type food.
[02:00.13]Todd: Oh really? So for example, what do you eat? Like, what do people eat in Belize?
[02:05.13]Meg: People eat – it's kind of like a taco but flat with a tortilla, and some meat and vegetables on top and some spices that make it really delicious.
[02:17.63]Todd: So the last country is Indonesia. When did you go to Indonesia?
[02:25.13]Meg: I actually went to Indonesia just last year.
[02:25.63]Todd: Oh wow. How long did you stay?
[02:30.64]Meg: I only stayed there for about a week.
[02:31.13]Todd: Oh yeah? Oh, short trip.
[02:32.38]Meg: Yeah, it was a short trip, but I was just visiting some friends there.
[02:35.88]Todd: Where did you go?
[02:36.88]Meg: I went to Jakarta and Bali.
[02:39.13]Todd: Oh, okay. So I hear Bali has really beautiful beaches. Is it true?
[02:44.13]Meg: Yeah, it's true. There are a lot of famous and beautiful beaches in Bali.
[02:48.63]Todd: Oh, did you surf in Bali?
[02:51.13]Meg: I've never surfed before. Usually, when I went to the beach, I just wanted to put my feet in the water.
[02:57.13]Todd: Oh yeah. Now, Bali also has very famous scenery on the inside like the rice fields. Did you see the rice fields of Bali?
[03:06.63]Meg: No, I didn't see the rice fields. But I did go to some famous historical spots.
[03:13.13]Todd: So of the three countries – Spain, Belize and Indonesia – what country was your favorite?
[03:19.88]Meg: Maybe Spain was my favorite because I love learning language, and it was really nice to stay with my Spanish family.
[03:26.90]Todd: Yeah. I could see that. I really want to go to Spain, and I hope to go soon.
[03:31.13]Meg: I hope you can go too. It's beautiful.