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Lrc (95) by Bill (95) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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93483 - (95) by Bill [01:09.17] 11 hours ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.39]Todd: OK. Hello?
[00:02.64]Steven: Hello, there!
[00:03.89]Todd: How are you doing today?
[00:05.14]Steven: Pretty good.
[00:06.14]Todd: Could you please introduce yourself.
[00:08.39]Steven: Yeah. My name is Steven and I come from the north of England.
[00:12.14]Todd: Oh, really? Where in the north of England?
[00:13.64]Steven: A little village called Gawsworth.
[00:15.89]Todd: Is it a big place?
[00:17.39]Steven: No, it's about 10 thousand people I think.
[00:21.89]Todd: Oh, really? Do you go back there often?
[00:25.64]Steven: Not so often. The last time I went back was Christmas.
[00:30.89]Todd: Oh, really? OK. Did you have a good time?
[00:33.64]Steven: Yeah, it was very nice. I saw old friends and family and did the usual Christmas things.
[00:38.39]Todd: What actually are the usual Christmas things?
[00:40.89]Steven: Oh, I guess a lot of eating and a lot of drinking and a lot of laughing. Just general fun and games I guess.
[00:48.14]Todd: Great. How many of your family members still live in this town?
[00:50.39]Steven: Well, they don't mom and dad live in the town. My brother and sister actually live pretty close to this town, so my family is all in that general area.
[01:04.64]Todd: Oh, OK. Great. Thanks a lot Steven.