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Lrc (96) by Bill (96) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80598 - (96) by Bill [04:07.75] 4 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:01.89]Meg: Hey, Todd. I know you've traveled a lot. What countries have you lived in?
[00:05.88]Todd: I've lived in three countries. I've traveled to many, many countries.
[00:11.63]But I've actually lived in three. I lived in England for one year. I lived in Thailand for four years.
[00:19.63]And I have lived in Japan for 15 years.
[00:23.38]Meg: Wow. So when you lived in England, why did you live there?
[00:27.38]Todd: It was the first country I traveled to after college.
[00:31.88]And I had a work permit, a work visa for one year. And I worked at a pub restaurant, which was great.
[00:42.38]It was in the countryside. And I really enjoyed it. And then I did that for six months. I lived near Cambridge.
[00:51.38]So, I was near Cambridge University. And then after that I moved to London. And again, I worked at a restaurant.
[01:00.38]And I lived in London and just worked.
[01:03.63]Meg: Wow. So it was after college. How old were you?
[01:06.13]Todd: I was 23 years old.
[01:08.63]Meg: Oh, and living in London. That must have been fun.
[01:12.13]Todd: It was fun. And interestingly, when I went to England, I could not speak English.
[01:19.63]So, I could not understand British people. It took me maybe two months before I could understand their English.
[01:28.88]So it was very, very difficult to understand British people when I first moved there.
[01:34.38]Meg: Ah, so you liked it.
[01:35.63]Todd: I did like England. It was fun. It was my first country, but the weather was cold for me.
[01:42.63]I'm from California, and California in the United States is very warm, so I didn't like the weather, but that's okay because all British people don't like the weather, too.
[01:54.38]Meg: Oh, really?
[01:55.38]Todd: Yeah. Everybody complains about the weather.
[01:57.63]Meg: So after England, did you move someplace warmer?
[02:01.38]Todd: I did. Right after England, I moved to Thailand, and I lived in Thailand for over four years.
[02:08.38]Meg: Wow. Why did you live in Thailand?
[02:10.38]Todd: I was traveling, and in Thailand I had no money, and I needed a job, and I wanted to stay in Thailand, so I became an English teacher.
[02:20.38]Meg: Really?
[02:21.13]Todd: Yeah.
[02:22.13]Meg: Did you teach English there for four years?
[02:24.63]Todd: I did. So I went there and I began teaching English. Then I got a teaching course certificate to teach English in Thailand, and I really enjoyed it.
[02:36.38]The Thai students were really fun. And Thailand is a great place to live because the weather is really nice.
[02:43.38]The people are really friendly and the food is delicious. It has the best food in the world, I think.
[02:49.63]Meg: I've also heard that Thailand is beautiful. Is it true?
[02:52.38]Todd: It is. It has many, many beautiful islands and it has lots of beautiful places with nature and the mountains.
[02:59.88]It has jungles. It has beautiful beaches, so it's a nice place to live.
[03:04.38]Meg: So you like Thailand, too.
[03:06.38]Todd: I did. Thailand was great. Yeah.
[03:07.88]Meg: So England, Thailand, you said next was Japan?
[03:11.63]Todd: Yeah, so next was Japan. And Japan is nice. I am a teacher, an English teacher in Japan, and I love teaching English in Japan. Like Thailand, the food is really, really good.
[03:22.88]The people are nice. The scenery is really beautiful, so Japan is really nice.
[03:28.38]Meg: Are there fun things to do in Japan?
[03:30.63]Todd: Yes. Actually, I like Japan the most because you get everything.
[03:36.88]You get lots of beautiful nature, so, you can go hiking. You can go see beautiful beaches.
[03:42.63]You can go to really nice islands, but also Japan has many, many nice cities,so you can go to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and the cities have lots to do.
[03:54.38]There's good shopping, great restaurants.
[03:57.38]It's easy to travel in Japan by train and bus, so, it's really nice.
[04:01.88]Meg: Oh, that sounds like the best of both worlds.
[04:04.88]Todd: Yeah, it is. Definitely a good place to live.