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Lrc (97) by Bill (97) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80657 - (97) by Bill [04:16.86] 3 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.38]Sarah: Okay, John, let's talk about fashion. You know, I have students and I think sometimes they don't, they don't dress appropriately for the classroom.
[00:13.88]John: Oh yeah. Sometimes, it looks like students are wearing the clothes which they will plan to wear at night, to go out and go to a party with friends.
[00:28.13]Sarah: Yeah. So actually, I think school uniforms are great.
[00:34.38]I would make the teachers wear the school uniform, too.
[00:37.88]John: I agree with you.
[00:39.13]Sarah: Because I think when we talk about appropriate clothing, I think girls very often take the most of the blame for that.
[00:50.88]But I think it's our society, and we can fix the problem by having a uniform for girls and boys and teachers, and we can feel like part of a team.
[01:04.38]John: I know there are a lot of problems of school uniform. First of all, students don't want to all dress the same.
[01:15.63]Sarah: Hmm.
[01:16.38]John: But there's other problems. Usually, when schools have a uniform, the boys wear pants and the girls have to wear a dress or a skirt. I don't think that's fair.
[01:28.88]Sarah: I agree. I don't think that's fair either. I think a lot of schools these days they can let the girls choose.
[01:37.63]And so the girls can wear shorts or pants.
[01:40.88]John: Well, that's good. I think even beyond the pants or a skirt issue, there should be some flexibility to customize your uniform, whether you want to wear shirts that are a different color, even if they're in the same style.
[02:02.64]Or you want to have some pins or patches or some other accessories.
[02:11.88]Sarah: Do you think as a teacher, would you say something to your student if your student if your student came to class and maybe, for example, it was a boy and his pants were very low and you could see his underwear.
[02:28.63]Or maybe it was a girl and you thought, "Oh no, her shorts are a little too short." What do you think you would do?
[02:36.38]John: Hmm, wow, that's a difficult question. I have to say, I don't think I have been in that situation.
[02:45.13]I guess I'm lucky enough my students haven't pushed the limit too far.
[02:53.63]But I feel that I would say something if a student came to class in clothing that was, in my opinion, too inappropriate.
[03:07.63]I would ask them to, probably to, if not leave the class, at least don't wear clothes like that next time.
[03:17.13]What about you?
[03:18.63]Sarah: Well, I had a student, and he came to class with a jacket. And it looks like a very expensive jacket but it had a very bad word written on the jacket.
[03:32.63]John: Oh.
[03:33.89]Sarah: And after class finished, I told him to, "Wait, please." And I told him that he probably shouldn't wear that jacket to class, or maybe, he shouldn't wear it anymore at all.
[03:47.88]It just isn't very appropriate. And he came to class next time and he had the jacket but he had taken it to a shop and they had taken the bad word off of the jacket.
[04:02.13]And so, I was very happy to see that, that he changed his behavior and now he could dress the way he liked but also be appropriate.
[04:11.13]John: Well, that sounds very good. That's very effective.