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Lrc (99) by Bill (99) - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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94181 - (99) by Bill [01:34.75] 8 hours ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.64]Todd: OK. Kevin, we're back here in the forest. We're gonna talk about sports.
[00:06.14]Kevin: OK. Great. I love sports.
[00:07.39]Todd: What sports do you like?
[00:07.89]Kevin: Well, my favorite sport is baseball. Obviously, I grew up and my father was a baseball player so I was always aroundbaseball.
[00:16.14]Todd: Wow.
[00:16.64]Kevin: My whole life.
[00:19.39]Todd: You mean your father was a player in the Major Leagues?
[00:20.64]Kevin: Yeah, exactly. Not only was he a player in the Major Leagues, he was fortunate enough to play in the World Series twice with the New York Mets.
[00:27.39]Todd: Wow! That's amazing.
[00:28.14]Kevin: Yeah, The Amazing Met's. 1969.
[00:30.39]Todd: Wow, that's great. Did you play baseball yourself?
[00:32.89]Kevin: Yeah, I played baseball pretty much my whole life up through college and university.
[00:38.64]Todd: OK. Why did you stop?
[00:39.89]Kevin: Well, it wasn't exactly by choice. I wasn't drafted high enough in professional baseball to.. in order for me to sign, so I ended up retiring from baseball and pursuing other things.
[00:54.14]Todd: OK. Great. Do you like any others sports?
[00:55.64]Kevin: Yeah. I actually, I enjoy all competition. You know I enjoy the other typical American sports of basketball and American football and so on, but I also try to learn about and enjoy the national sport of the countries that I'm in. For example now I'm in Japan and I've actually gotten quite into Sumo wrestling.
[01:18.14]Todd: Oh, really?
[01:18.64]Kevin: Yeah.
[01:19.39]Todd: Nice. Have you ever seen a sumo match live?
[01:20.64]Kevin: Yes, I have. I've been to two sumo bashos as they call them, or matches in Tokyo.
[01:26.14]Todd: Nice. Yeah, I wanna go. I wanna go myself.
[01:28.39]Kevin: Yeah, let's go sometime.
[01:29.64]Todd: OK. Let's do it.