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Lrc - 2020-05-23T115641.019 by Bill - 2020-05-23T115641.019 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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60484 - - 2020-05-23T115641.019 by Bill [02:15.00] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:01.13]Daniel: Hey Olga, how are you?
[00:01.63]Olga: Hi, and how are you Daniel?
[00:02.88]Daniel: I'm fine thanks. I need to ask you a favor.
[00:04.63]Olga: Sure, what's up?
[00:06.38]Daniel: Well I'm trying to impress a girl and I need to cook something for her.
[00:13.63]Olga: I see.
[00:14.88]Daniel: So I was thinking of Mexican food.
[00:16.88]Olga: Wow, that's a good option.
[00:19.13]Daniel: What can you recommend me?
[00:20.88]Olga: Why don't you cook tacos?
[00:22.13]Daniel: OK.
[00:23.13]Olga: It's fairly simple and I think you can do it. Can you get tortillas?
[00:27.88]Daniel: I might be able to get them but I'm not really sure.
[00:32.38]Olga: Well if you get them then I can just cook the meat, you know. It's really easy, like in a pan, a fry pan, you just fry it with onion, salt, pepper, and maybe a little bit of chili peppper. Do you like it hot?
[00:47.63]Daniel: I would rather not to have it that hot. It's the first date.
[00:52.38]Olga: Yeah, but you know it's romantic.
[00:55.88]Daniel: OK.
[00:57.13]Olga: Maybe just a bit. So yeah you just cut a little bit of chili pepper and put it inside and when you've made this you just put it inside a tortilla, wrap it and maybe put some salad like lettuce and tomato on top with a little bit of cream.
[01:14.13]Daniel: OK, what kind of cream?
[01:15.88]Olga: The one that's not sweet, you know the natural cream.
[01:18.38]Daniel: That white one?
[01:20.38]Olga: Yeah, right and are you sure about the tortillas?
[01:26.63]Daniel: Just explain me so in case I cannot get them.
[01:31.63]Olga: Just get corn flour.
[01:33.63]Daniel: Corn flour?
[01:35.13]Olga: Yeah, I think you can get it anywhere or at least on the internet and you just mix it with some water and maybe a little bit of salt and make like a...
[01:45.38]Daniel: Pastry?
[01:47.13]Olga: Yeah and just take a little round ball the size that you can hold it in your hand and you know like extend it to make the shape of the tortilla and just heat it up in the pan without any oil or anything and it's done like in one minute.
[02:07.88]Daniel: Wow that's really easy. You think it's going to work?
[02:09.88]Olga: Of course.
[02:11.63]Daniel: Thanks.
[02:12.38]Olga: You're welcome.