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Lrc - 2020-05-30T120306.295 by Bill - 2020-05-30T120306.295 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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61378 - - 2020-05-30T120306.295 by Bill [01:43.44] 10 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.64]Daniel: And while we drink this, we dance cueca.
[00:03.39]Olga: What is cueca?
[00:04.89]Daniel: Cueca is our national dance.
[00:06.64]Olga: How do you, how can you explain it?
[00:08.64]Daniel: It's about, OK, it's the Chilean cowboy dancing in order to flirt with the girl.
[00:17.64]Olga: Do you wear any kind of special dress?
[00:20.64]Daniel: Yes. The girl is wearing a long dress.
[00:24.14]Olga: Yes.
[00:25.39]Daniel: And the guy is wearing sombrero.
[00:30.39]Olga: Yeah.
[00:31.14]Daniel: It's not like, it's not as big as Mexican sombrero but it's smaller and a small poncho.
[00:36.39]Olga: Oh yeah, I think I've seen it before. Yeah, like the small poncho is like almost like every time it's brown and with like kind of like colorful lines?
[00:47.89]Daniel: Yes.
[00:49.14]Olga: Oh yeah, I've seen it before, yeah.
[00:50.89]Daniel: And we also wear boots and spurs which makes it really, really difficult to dance.
[00:57.89]Olga: Have you danced it before?
[01:00.14]Daniel: I have but I don't think I succeeded.
[01:03.39]Olga: Oh, I see. And what do you mean it's kind of romantic dance?
[01:09.14]Daniel: It is a romantic dance.
[01:10.14]Olga: How?
[01:11.14]Daniel: Because you have to flirt with the girl.
[01:13.39]Olga: Oh, I see.
[01:14.64]Daniel: That's the point of the dance.
[01:16.14]Olga: And is it, does it mean anything? Does it have any meaning?
[01:21.39]Daniel: It's related to how, because we use a handkerchief so it's how, it symbolizes a rope so you can, you have to catch the girl with your rope.
[01:32.14]Olga: Oh, I see, that's pretty cute.
[01:39.14]Daniel: Yeah, it is.