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Lrc - 2020-06-06T102530.771 by Bill - 2020-06-06T102530.771 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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62230 - - 2020-06-06T102530.771 by Bill [02:06.85] 10 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:01.13]Erina: I have a brother so I can relate this.
[00:04.13]You know, my brother when he started to, you know, join karate team, my parents were super worried about, you know, head injuries and any kinds of injuries.
[00:15.63]Mike: Right.
[00:16.38]Erina: So what did your family say about that? Were they supportive?
[00:20.38]Mike: Well, when I first got into karate, they were supportiveof me mostly because karate is not so much used as a, it's not a martial art used so much for fighting but I used it for a really good experience and discipline and because I started when I was twelve, it was very strict and it taught me really good discipline and it actually, surprisingly enough, it teaches you not to use violence in conflicts and so my family really liked that aspect.
[00:58.63]The fact that it taught me discipline and it taught me about, you know, how violence is not usually the way to solve problems and it doesn't work well.
[01:11.38]So, of course, the aspect of getting injured and doing damage to your body was always there and I think especially my mum was always pretty worried and when I showed her videos of my fights or sparring, she would give a lot of scared reactions and commentary, ooh, ah,
[01:31.88]that looks like it hurts, are you OK? But all in all, I clearly explained to them the benefits of martial arts and how they discipline not only your body but your mind so my parents were pretty understanding with that.
[01:46.88]Erina: Wow. I want to see your fight one day. You said that you don't box anymore but I would love to watch your fight.
[01:56.38]Mike: Well, yeah, I spar every once in a while but maybe if you get lucky.
[02:00.63]Erina: Thank you Mike.
[02:03.63]Mike: Yeah, no problem.