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Lrc - 2020-06-14T103015.306 by Bill - 2020-06-14T103015.306 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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63064 - - 2020-06-14T103015.306 by Bill [02:36.94] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.62]Vella: So Daniel, we're talking about emotions, and let's talk about emotions in men. Do you think it's OK for men to cry?
[00:06.63]Daniel: Well, I do think it's all right. There's nothing wrong about it. If you want to cry, if you're sad, if you are angry, if you are disappointed, I think it's normal. The normal reaction would be to cry but unfortunately, there is a huge stigma attached to men crying. For some people, it is a big issue. For me, personally, it isn't.
[00:38.87]Vella: I agree a hundred percent with you. For me personally, I think it's totally OK for guys to cry.
[00:44.12]Daniel: Hm, hm.
[00:46.62]Vella: But I think it's in my culture, Indonesian, it's really uncommon to, you know, for guys to show this emotional expression when they cry. For example when, even when you're little if you cry in the classroom and when you are a guy and if you cry, people are just going to make fun of you and they're going to start laughing and calling you names.
[01:07.37]Daniel: I know totally. It's the same in Chile actually. Well, I was raised in a really, really strong kind of macho culture. I mean crying was a sign of weakness so boys were not, I mean I can say, were not allowed to cry, right, because of, because of the whole macho thing and you have to be a man, you have to be brave so you're not supposed to cry. But now I think it's, kids shouldn't be, well they shouldn't be encouraged to cry but they should be told that it's all right. I mean it's a natural reaction and you have to show your feelings so I think if you want to cry if you're sad and if you want to cry, you should just do it but there's nothing to be embarrassed about.
[01:57.12]Vella: I think that's just how it is inside or they expect men to be macho and masculine and I think showing tears kind of takes away a lot of masculines, like masculinity out of men.
[02:08.87]Daniel: I think it's more masculine just to assume that you are sad and you are showing it. You're not afraid to show your emotions. I think that's more valuable, that's more, I mean I'm a boy and because I cry that doesn't make me less of a man. I mean, I'm a man and therefore, I don't know because I'm a man, I can show my expressions and I'm not afraid of it. I don't know, that's what I think.