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Lrc - 2020-06-20T130912.258 by Bill - 2020-06-20T130912.258 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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63526 - - 2020-06-20T130912.258 by Bill [01:52.30] 10 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.36]Todd: So, Julia, now you are a parent.
[00:02.36]Julia: That's right.
[00:03.61]Todd: And have you heard of all these terms that we have in the US for different types of parents? I wonder if you have them in the UK?
[00:10.12]Julia: You mean like soccer mum, stuff like that?
[00:12.37]Todd: Exactly.
[00:13.12]Julia: That's the only one I've heard of actually.
[00:14.86]Todd: OK. So what do you think a soccer mom is? What have you heard?
[00:18.36]Julia: My image is a mother who dedicates her time to running her kids to and from soccer practice. Is that right?
[00:26.61]Todd: Right.
[00:27.36]Julia: And also drives a big vehicle? My image is of a big SUV or a big four-wheel drive.
[00:31.37]Todd: Right. I think it's also, it's like a parent that has many scheduled events for their child.
[00:39.12]Julia: Oh, OK.
[00:40.12]Todd: So maybe they have swimming class or soccer practice, ballet and stuff like that.
[00:45.61]Julia: Oh, maybe I'm a little bit of a soccer mum.
[00:46.86]Todd: Yeah, I think now, yeah. I think it's actually a good term. It's like, I think a soccer mom usually is considered a caring parent.
[00:50.62]Julia: OK.
[00:51.86]Todd: And they try to have their child doing productive things.
[00:54.86]Julia: It must be pretty, quite an affluent perhaps middle-class kind of parent.
[01:02.87]Todd: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Now we have the equivalent, it's called a Nascar dad.
[01:04.36]Julia: Is Nascar some kind of car racing?
[01:05.87]Todd: Yeah, basically it's just the, these cars they run around and ride around in a circle. It's kind of like horse racing for cars, you just go round and round. But, yeah, so I guess it's the same thing. It's just a dad who's really, you know, really into his kids, spends a lot of time with his kids.
[01:22.11]Julia: Would this be a stay at home dad, like a...?
[01:24.86]Todd: No, no. It's just kind of like a good old boy father, like a dad who's kind of blue-collar, not rich, you know, maybe lower middle class maybe but just kind of like your typical sitcom, TV sitcom dadI guess.
[01:39.86]Julia: But that's nice. Takes his kids everywhere, that's nice.
[01:42.11]Todd: Yeah, yeah.
[01:43.11]Julia: Involved in the...
[01:44.11]Todd: Yeah, like a Nascar dad would probably take his son's hunting and maybe take his daughter shopping and stuff like that.