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Lrc - 2020-06-27T103317.285 by Bill - 2020-06-27T103317.285 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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64392 - - 2020-06-27T103317.285 by Bill [02:35.95] 8 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.88]Daniel: Hey, Vella, how are you?
[00:01.63]Vella: I'm good. How are you?
[00:03.13]Daniel: I'm well thanks. Just wanted to ask you what's your favorite movie?
[00:06.63]Vella: OK, I have one all-time Indonesian favorite movie.
[00:10.88]Daniel: Uh, uh.
[00:11.63]Vella: And it's called Lima Juanita, Lima Kintai, Lima Macharita.
[00:14.38]Daniel: What's, what's the name of it in English?
[00:17.38]Vella: In English, the translation would be Five Women, Five Love and Five Stories.
[00:20.13]Daniel: Uh, uh. What is it about?
[00:22.88]Vella: OK, it's basically about five women with different love stories and one of them, her parents died when she was really young.
[00:29.13]Daniel: OK.
[00:30.13]Vella: She couldn't get a better job so she ended up being a prostitute.
[00:33.13]Daniel: That's really sad.
[00:34.63]Vella: Yeah, it is and the second one, she, her husband had an affair with her best friend and the third one, she couldn't get a boyfriend all her life. You know, she was really struggling to find the right guy.
[00:48.63]Daniel: Uh, uh.
[00:49.13]Vella: And I think she was really busy trying, you know, to find the guy that fulfills all her stereos, that she ends up, you know, not finding anyone.
[00:56.88]Daniel: Hm, hm.
[00:58.13]Vella: And the fourth one, she got married only for eleven months and one day before the anniversary her husband died in a car accident.
[01:07.63]Daniel: Oh.
[01:08.63]Vella: Yeah, it was a really sad movie but, you know, you learned a lot from it.
[01:12.38]Daniel: Yeah, it sounds really, really sad and really depressing.
[01:16.13]Vella: It is. I cried actually watching it. You know, as a girl I learned a lot from it and, you know, it opened my eyes to, you know, society and how women are, you know, treated and how they experience, you know, love stories.
[01:30.63]Daniel: OK. So how did the movie help Indonesian people to the movie? How is, did they like it, did they thought it was like only sad or did everyone thought like, I don't know, we can learn from this?
[01:45.38]Vella: Well, I've read this website. They have, you know, many comments on the movie and I think most of the watchers were, you know, female audiences and a lot of them really related well to the movie and they really took it as, you know, a positive.
[02:00.63]Daniel: OK. And so it's, all the stories are quite related to Indonesian kind of reality?
[02:08.88]Vella: Yeah, pretty much.
[02:09.38]Daniel: But, so how's the relation between like Indonesian movie industry and Hollywood movie industry? Which one is bigger?
[02:10.38]Vella: Well, I think people in Indonesia are more attracted to Hollywood movies just because they have, you know, better storylines and I think a lot of us are really into, you know, Hollywood actresses and actors.
[02:21.63]Daniel: Hm, hm.
[02:22.38]Vella: So, you know, they are more interested in watching Hollywood movies.
[02:26.13]Daniel: OK.
[02:27.63]Vella: Than Indonesian.
[02:29.38]Daniel: OK. But the Indonesian industry is still...
[02:31.63]Vella: Is still really big, yeah.
[02:32.63]Daniel: Really big, OK. OK, thanks.