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Lrc - 2020-06-27T112804.435 by Bill - 2020-06-27T112804.435 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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64396 - - 2020-06-27T112804.435 by Bill [02:55.88] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.38]Chugi: Hi, Mike, how are you doing?
[00:02.13]Mike: Hey, Chugi, I'm good.
[00:03.88]Chugi: I'm so done we're with classes.
[00:07.38]Mike: Yeah, me too.
[00:09.38]Chugi: What are you doing for the summer vacation?
[00:11.38]Mike: Right now, I have no plans.
[00:12.88]Chugi: Well, I am planning to go home to Mongolia. You should come with me.
[00:18.63]Mike: Really? Mongolia?
[00:20.38]Chugi: Yeah, summertime. It's very nice. We have a very nice holiday called Nadam and during the Nadam we have three days festival.
[00:30.63]Mike: Really. I've always wanted to go to Mongolia. That sounds like a good time to go.
[00:38.13]Chugi: Yes, it is. Nadam is in July. And then it's for three days, from July 11th to July 13th and it's happening all over the country. You can experience anywhere in Mongolia. And during the Nadam festival, we have wrestling, archery and horse races.
[01:02.88]Mike: Really. Wresting, Archery, and horse-racing.
[01:05.38]Chugi: Yes, and you can get to see all of them in one place.
[01:08.88]Mike: Really, can I ride horses?
[01:10.88]Chugi: Yes, you can right next to the place where they horse-race, people are offering horses for other people to ride, and they just charge a little bit of money.
[01:25.38]Mike: Really.
[01:26.38]Chugi: Yes.
[01:27.13]Mike: And wrestling? That sounds interesting.
[01:29.38]Chugi: Yes, wrestling is held just a few kilometers away from the horse racing in the biggest stadium and it's for like two days. I mean, if I were you, I would go to the second day and see them. It's very nice.
[01:49.13]Mike: And the archery? What kind of archery is it?
[01:51.38]Chugi: It's more like the traditional kind of archery. You just hit the target, and just as many targets as you hit, that's the better, and even in archery, they have female and male together. It's not separated, so that's a very unique thing.
[02:13.13]Mike: Oh, sounds interesting. And how long is the horse race?
[02:17.38]Chugi: The horse race? It's actually very different than other places. The horse race there is six different kinds of horse races, depending on the different ages of the horses
[02:31.13]Mike: Oh, really?.
[02:31.88]Chugi: And the distances are different because of the ages as well. For example, the youngest horse would run for thirty kilometers, but the oldest horses would run for forty kilometers.
[02:43.88]Mike: Oh, really.
[02:44.63]Chugi: Yes.
[02:45.63]Mike: Very interesting.
[02:46.38]Chugi: Yes, I think you should come with me and experience the big festival in Mongolia.
[02:50.88]Mike: Well, this sounds like a good plan.
[02:52.63]Chugi: Yes, it is.