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Lrc - 2020-12-14T114426.078 by Bill - 2020-12-14T114426.078 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80795 - - 2020-12-14T114426.078 by Bill [05:29.82] 3 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.89]Sarah: So John, you told me about the paleo diet and what it is. But why did you decide to eat like that?
[00:08.89]John: Well, let me tell you. I was feeling sick for a long time.
[00:15.14]Sarah: Oh, I'm sorry.
[00:16.14]John: Oh, it's okay now.
[00:17.64]Thanks though. I started to feel sick three years ago, and then it got worse and worse in my stomach.
[00:25.64]I had lots of stomach trouble called indigestion, and I didn't know why until I found out that some foods are healthier than others.
[00:39.39]So that's why I started learning about the paleo diet and eating healthy.
[00:47.14]I found that we should eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and we definitely shouldn't eat fast food.
[00:55.14]And we shouldn't eat very many snacks either.
[00:58.14]Sarah: Oh.
[00:59.64]John: And because I was sick with my stomach trouble, I was also feeling depressed.
[01:08.39]But I learned that our moods and our emotions can be affected by what we eat.
[01:15.14]Sarah: Really?
[01:18.39]John: Yes. I was very surprised to learn that. But it makes sense because our brain chemistry comes from the foods we eat.
[01:30.64]When we eat healthy foods, we get good chemistry in our body and our brains can function normally, and we can have good moods and good emotions.
[01:44.39]Sarah: So you feel happier and healthier now that you changed your diet.
[01:50.39]John: That's true. But changing my diet wasn't enough. Even though I fixed my diet, I still didn't feel 100 percent.
[01:59.39]So I had to do more research.
[02:01.89]And I found something else that's very important.
[02:06.39]I didn't realize before but everyone needs to get enough exercise every week. In fact, it's best if you can exercise 30 minutes every day.
[02:20.14]Sarah: Everyday?
[02:21.39]John: Well, of course you can take a day off. Two days off each week is okay.
[02:27.39]And you don't have to do very difficult exercise. Just riding a bicycle or jogging is enough.
[02:35.89]But I also found that having a healthy diet and getting enough exercise is still not enough because you need two more important factors.
[02:48.89]Sarah: What are they?
[02:49.89]John: One is called stress management.
[02:57.39]When we feel stressed, our body has a reaction to stress, and it can make you feel sick, and it can put you in a bad mood.
[03:07.64]So we need to learn ways to manage our stress. So we need to learn how to breathe deeply and relax more.
[03:15.64]And when we encounter stress, we should learn healthy ways to react and not react in unhealthy ways, such as getting angry or feeling frustrated.
[03:34.89]Sarah: What's a healthy way to react?
[03:37.64]John: Well first, you should breathe and relax your body by slowing down.
[03:46.89]And then you should think calmly and clearly about the best way to handle a problem.
[03:54.89]So don't just worry about the problem and think about what can go wrong, but think calmly about ways to solve problems.
[04:07.39]Sarah: Okay.
[04:08.14]John: But I found the most important factor in feeling healthy was a big surprise to me.
[04:16.64]Sarah: What was it?
[04:17.89]John: We need to get enough sleep.
[04:20.64]Sarah: Oh.
[04:21.89]John: Everyone knows we should sleep more but very few people sleep enough. Most adults should sleep 8 hours every night.
[04:36.39]I was only sleeping 5 or 6 hours every night.
[04:40.14]Sarah: Oh wow.
[04:40.89]John: Yeah. So sleeping at night is like recharging your battery, right. So do you have a cell phone?
[04:50.89]Sarah: Sure, of course.
[04:52.39]John: What do you do when the battery is dead?
[04:53.89]Sarah: I plug it in.
[04:55.14]John: Yeah. And you need to leave it plugged in until it has a full charge.
[04:59.39]Well, not sleeping enough is just like unplugging your phone before it's charged.
[05:08.14]So it's much better to have a healthy diet and get a regular exercise, learn stress management skills, and most importantly, get enough sleep every night.
[05:23.14]Sarah: Okay. I'll try hard. Thank you.