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Lrc - 2020-12-19T132600.305 by Bill - 2020-12-19T132600.305 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81324 - - 2020-12-19T132600.305 by Bill [02:44.94] 3 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:01.13]Aimee: Hey, Katie, did you hear that Australia are rejoining the Eurovision Song Contest?
[00:05.38]Katie: I did. It's a really big news. Really big news.
[00:06.88]Aimee: So can you tell us a little bit about Eurovision? What is it exactly?
[00:11.38]Katie: Eurovision is basically a music competition that happens every year in May.
[00:18.13]And countries from all over Europe have an entry in the competition.
[00:24.63]Aimee: Right.
[00:25.13]Katie: So big, big music singing competition.
[00:26.88]Aimee: And it's Euro…
[00:28.13]Katie: Eurovision, yeah.
[00:29.63]Aimee: Okay.
[00:30.88]Katie: Eurovision, and yeah, every single country in Europe send somebody to sing in the competition.
[00:37.38]Aimee: Okay.
[00:38.13]Katie: And all of Europe watches it, and all of Europe votes for a winner, and it's huge. It's huge.
[00:44.13]Aimee: It does sound huge, continental competition.
[00:46.88]Katie: Big battle with music.
[00:48.63]Aimee: And where is it usually hosted?
[00:51.38]Katie: It's hosted in the country of the previous year's winner.
[00:56.63]Aimee: Right. So this year then, do you know where it was?
[01:01.38]Katie: I don't remember who won it last year, but the previous year, two years ago, it was won by someone from Austria.
[01:09.38]Aimee: Okay.
[01:10.13]Katie: So last year, the competition was in Austria.
[01:11.88]Aimee: Right. That sounds like a wonderful event for the hosting country.
[01:16.88]Katie: Yeah. And I'm from the UK, and the UK hasn't won it in such a long time.
[01:22.88]And I really, really want to win because I wanted to go and see a live Eurovision competition.
[01:28.38]Aimee: Right. So over the – you mentioned that you're such a big fan. Over the Eurovision history, do you have any personal highlights?
[01:35.88]Katie: Probably my favorite entry was from ages and ages ago, before I was even born by an English entry called Bucks Fizz.
[01:45.88]Aimee: Okay.
[01:46.63]Katie: They were really awesome. They were singing a great song, and then suddenly, halfway through the song, the boys ripped the girls' skirt off.
[01:54.88]Aimee: Oh.
[01:55.38]Katie: Not that way. But they were wearing a long dress and then they were suddenly wearing a skirt.
[02:00.88]And it was amazing.
[02:02.13]Aimee: They kind of costume changed then.
[02:04.38]Katie: Yeah, costume change. And it happened in the '70s, I think, '70s or
[02:09.38]Aimee: '80s, maybe?
[02:10.63]Katie: Yeah. And at that time, it was probably the most exciting entry in Eurovision ever.
[02:16.13]Aimee: Oh really.
[02:17.13]Katie: It's very exciting.
[02:17.88]Aimee: A real shock.
[02:19.39]Katie: Real shock. A big costumechange, big drama.
[02:21.88]Aimee: And how was the song?
[02:22.88]Katie: Eh. The song was okay. No one remembers the song. Everyone remembers the skirts.
[02:28.13]Aimee: Okay. So I take it, they didn't win then?
[02:31.38]Katie: I don't think so.
[02:32.63]Aimee: Did they?
[02:33.63]Katie: I don't, I don't know. I can't remember. Also, I remember the costumes but not if they won or not.
[02:40.38]Aimee: Yeah. Not the song.
[02:41.88]Katie: Isn't that funny?
[02:42.63]Aimee: Costumes, too are important.