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Lrc - 2020-12-19T135251.534 by Bill - 2020-12-19T135251.534 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81328 - - 2020-12-19T135251.534 by Bill [03:33.45] 3 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.64]Aimee: So why do you think Britain never wins? Is it because their songs are always terrible?
[00:06.14]Katie: Well, I mean, I disagree as a British person.
[00:09.13]I think the songs are always awesome, of course.
[00:11.14]But usually, how people win Eurovision is when you want to vote for a country, you have to ring up.
[00:18.39]And people always vote for the countries that are next door to them.
[00:22.89]So countries that are close to them. So the UK really only has Ireland next door.
[00:29.14]So we only really ever get votes from Ireland.
[00:32.64]We're not close to any other countries.
[00:35.38]Aimee: Not friendly.
[00:36.13]Katie: Not friendly.
[00:36.63]Aimee: Yeah. I guess that's it.
[00:37.63]Katie: Yeah.
[00:39.13]Aimee: It's not physical closeness, it's like emotional closeness as well, isn't it?
[00:41.63]Katie: We're not either. We're not physically close or emotionally close to any countries in Europe, so.
[00:45.88]Aimee: That's true.
[00:46.38]Katie: We don't get any points.
[00:47.64]Aimee: So which countries typically manage to get a lot of votes then?
[00:50.89]Katie: Countries that are in the middle, that have countries all around them.
[00:54.88]So like Austria has lots of countries surrounding it.
[00:57.38]Germany has lots of countries surrounding it.
[01:00.63]Yeah. England just doesn't have a chance of winning.
[01:02.88]The UK will never win Eurovision song contest ever again.
[01:05.63]Aimee: Unless they change their foreign policy, perhaps.
[01:07.38]Katie: Or unless we just move the entire country in the middle of Europe.
[01:11.13]Aimee: Well, that's not going to happen, isn't it?
[01:14.63]Katie: We can dream. We can dream.
[01:16.13]Aimee: So it's not possible to vote for your own country?
[01:18.88]Katie: No. You can't vote for your own country. You have to vote for any other country except for yours.
[01:22.88]Aimee: Oh, I see.
[01:23.63]Katie: Otherwise, Russia would just win it every time. Russia is so big.
[01:26.38]Aimee: That's true. I didn't think about that. It has a massive population.
[01:29.63]So how does it work exactly? You're sitting at home. You're watching the TV, and then you have to pick up the phone and call, is that it?
[01:37.38]Katie: Yeah. When everyone sung their song, they will show you telephone numbers for each country.
[01:41.14]And you have to choose the country that you liked the best. And then you call that number, and that counts as one vote for that country.
[01:48.89]And then the country that gets the most votes gets 12 points.
[01:54.38]And then the next country down gets 10 points and then 8 points, all the way down to 1 point.
[01:57.88]But a lot of countries in Eurovision sometimes get 0 points for the entire show.
[02:04.38]Aimee: Oh dear.
[02:04.89]Katie: The UK often gets 0 points.
[02:06.64]Aimee: Do they?
[02:07.14]Katie: Yes.
[02:07.89]Aimee: That's embarrassing, isn't it?
[02:10.14]Katie: Very embarrassing. Very embarrassing.
[02:13.39]Aimee: And what is the hosting language?
[02:14.39]Katie: Well, they always speak in English. And usually, the host country will also speak in their language.
[02:22.88]So if it's France, they'll speak in French. If it's Germany, they'll speak in German.
[02:26.89]But when they are announcing the points, they'll speak in English and French.
[02:31.64]Aimee: English and French only?
[02:32.89]Katie: Yeah.
[02:33.63]Aimee: Oh that's interesting. And I assume that each individual country who's watching the show has their own presenters speaking in their native languages though.
[02:42.39]Katie: Yes. Yes.
[02:43.14]Aimee: To help translate everything.
[02:44.14]Katie: They have their own commentators who will talk throughout the entire show and explain everything.
[02:49.14]Aimee: Okay. Wow. It's such a massive scale, isn't it?
[02:53.89]Katie: Yeah.
[02:54.39]Aimee: Really huge.
[02:55.13]Katie: It's the best event of the year. My favorite thing ever.
[02:56.63]Aimee: So since you can't vote for the UK, then who do you normally vote for?
[03:03.38]Katie: Well, I normally vote for the country that I thought was the most interesting, which is how I think you should vote in Eurovision.
[03:10.64]Seeing that it's a singing competition then I think it should be judged on who is singing the best or has the best song or who has the most exciting outfit.
[03:19.39]But yeah, it changes every – it depends on who I think was the best.
[03:23.64]Aimee: Right. That sounds like a good, fair strategy.
[03:26.88]Katie: I think so. I think the rest of Europe should do that as well.
[03:30.38]Aimee: Yes. I guess they should.