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Lrc - 2020-12-20T125933.759 by Bill - 2020-12-20T125933.759 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81408 - - 2020-12-20T125933.759 by Bill [03:16.83] 3 months ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.63]Katie: So I don't really know much about Venezuela in terms of the different regions and things.
[00:04.38]So could you tell me something about it?
[00:06.38]Gilda: Well, in terms of weather we have only two seasons.
[00:11.13]We have a rainy season and the rest is dry.
[00:13.38]But so, you get to enjoy the four seasons in a way if you go to the west side of the country.
[00:22.88]We have like high mountains and you can see some snow and also, like it's a little bit cold over there.
[00:32.13]But if you go to the middle, in the middle of the country, the center, is hot.
[00:36.13]It's quite hot and dry. So it's where the – it's like the cowboys' area in Venezuela.
[00:43.63]So a lot of horses and they eat a lot of meat.
[00:47.13]In a little bit of north, in facing the Caribbean Sea, is the capital, Caracas.
[00:55.63]There, we have a very nice weather. I guess, that's the reason why it's the capital, maybe because the weather is really nice.
[01:05.13]We can wear the same clothes the whole year around.
[01:07.63]Katie: Nice.
[01:08.38]Gilda: So we don't have to think about winter clothes or anything like that.
[01:11.63]You can wear shorts all the time.
[01:13.64]So it's really, really nice. Yeah.
[01:15.63]Katie: What's the average temperature in Caracas?
[01:18.13]Gilda: While the, all this weather reports would say like 30, 35 and people will be like, "Oh, it's really, really hot."
[01:27.13]Katie: Yeah.
[01:27.64]Gilda: It's not. When you're there, you feel like probably 27 is like the body temperature, probably.
[01:35.38]Katie: Still pretty hot though, right?
[01:36.64]Gilda: It is but it's dry. It's not so humid.
[01:39.63]Even though we are close to the Caribbean Sea, it's not so humid. So it's a very nice weather.
[01:46.14]Yeah. I really like it. Yeah.
[01:48.89]Katie: So, outside of Caracas, are there any other famous cities in Venezuela?
[01:53.39]Gilda: Yes. There is one called Maracaibo. This is famous.
[01:57.64]It's the oil city. Venezuela is famous for having a lot of petroleum, and that's the city where all, most of the petroleum is concentrated and all the companies, oil companies.
[02:09.39]And since they have oil, the city is pretty modern and, yeah. So it's another major city in the country.
[02:19.14]There is another city that is kind of developing now is in the middle of the country.
[02:24.88]It's called Valencia. And also, it's famous because it has lots of industries and factories.
[02:33.63]So many people are moving there for job opportunities.
[02:36.88]And yeah, they have very nice places as well. Yeah.
[02:42.13]Katie: Are there any resort towns in Venezuela?
[02:44.89]Gilda: Yes, there are many especially because Venezuela is facing the Caribbean Sea.
[02:49.63]So there are many places for enjoying to see the ocean, beach side. There is an island called Margarita island.
[02:59.88]It's also very famous for occasion like to enjoy the summer at the fullest, and it's famous.
[03:07.13]That city has a lot of foreigners, visitors, yeah, all year around.
[03:13.13]Katie: So it's popular all over the world.
[03:14.88]Gilda: Yes, it's popular. Yeah.